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Rita Frealing: Gettysburg’s First African-American Mayor-Elect

Rita Frealing: Gettysburg’s First African-American Mayor-Elect.

GETTYSBURGHistory has been made in Gettysburg as Rita Frealing is now the first African-American woman to serve as mayor.

Mayor-elect Frealing says that with Gettysburg’s history, the community has come a long way and the community has shaped it into what it is today. She also says that being mayor is a way of giving back.

“I am happy and proud and honored and also humbled,” Frealing said.

These emotions are just a few of the many ways Frealing feels at the forefront of her community.

“I like to go out and talk to people, because my whole thing, the bottom line is that you talk, I listen and that’s how you find out what the needs of your community are or what the concerns of the citizens are,” Frealing said.

The Penn State University graduate says being mayor is something she wanted to do since she was a child. Feeling is also no stranger to abc27 News, as she was also a former weather and news reporter and says this taught her how to communicate while changing her trip to law school. After graduating, he worked for the government for more than 20 years.

Yet to be an advocate for her, she says it was time to run for mayor, where she is now the first African-American woman to hold that title in Gettysburg.

“I’m happy that it happened and I know people are calling this a historic moment, yes it is, but that’s just part of it, we moved on and we can make more history here at Gettysburg,” Frealing said.

However, the road came with its challenges, Frealing says it was a bittersweet campaign after losing her aunt in October 2020 and shortly after her husband.

She says that despite everything, perseverance was key and anyone can achieve their goals.

“When someone says no to you, don’t stop there, you bend over and figure out how you can do what you want to do because people have told me no before, and I say, okay, check this out,” Frealing. said.
Another reason he decided to run for mayor, he says, was because, with everything that is happening in the country, he says it is time to unite and heal.

He also says that he hopes to work with many agencies, such as the police and council members.

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