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Robin Hood Sherwood Builders demo released on Steam

Robin Hood Sherwood Builders demo released on Steam.

We’re coming to the end of Steam Next Fest, which means your fellow PC gamers have had a chance to see what’s good and, judging by what he’s been topping the charts, it looks like Robin Hood: Sherwood Builders is the one.  However, it has proven to be a winning combination of RPGs, survival games, and city-building games.

The first parts of the demo unfold much like any modern survival adventure: gather some food and resources and make your way to new tools. But very soon, you will put those resources in a central chest for your village and then ask your villagers to put together new buildings to expand the settlement.

Eventually, you’ll start recruiting new residents and will be able to simplify your path beyond traditional survival mechanics by stealing convoys for resources. Along the way, you will be guided through a series of dialogue-filled missions with characters from the Robin Hood mythos.

The demo is available now on Steam if you want to play it by yourself. Steam Next Fest concludes on October 7, so you might want to hurry if you’re looking for an early test.

It has clearly been an effective demonstration, as the game is cemented on top of the festival. trends tab, and is among the most desired games of the event.


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