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Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes January 2022

Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes January 2022: In the game Roblox Ghost Simulator, ghosts have invaded the world, and only you can stop them. 

Find ghosts and upgrade your equipment to make it more robust. In addition, you can unlock pets and hoverboards on the way to assist you on your way towards discovering new biomes. 

Make yourself as tough as you can to take on enemies, finish quests, and finally, reveal the shop. 

We’ve got a listing of Ghost Simulator codes that you can use to earn free items in the game like hoverboards, pets, a pet, and many more.

Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes January 2022

  • 350 Pegasus Snowflakes: MERRY.
  • Pug Pet: PUGSARECOOL (Must be in Bloxbyte Games Group)
  • Godly Pet: 2YEARS (Must be in BloxByte Games Group)
  • LEAFPOWER – Bounty Harvest
  • TOX1N – Toxin Treats
  • CORN – Corn Board McCoard
  • HUMBLE – Pumpkin Pie
  • FRIDGE – Legendary Pet
  • LASTWEEK – Legendary Pet
  • GARLIC – Legendary Pet
  • EERIE – x350 Candies and Exorcist Pegasus Pet
  • PUPPET – Puppet Master Pet
  • BOOSTED – Boosted Lucky Gem
  • EXCITE! – Excite Hoverboard
  • NOTACODE – One Event Bait and Two Crate Keys
  • BACONRA1D – Stack O Bacon
  • REMNANT – Sugardrop
  • ETERNAL12 – Crate Key
  • BOOST – Squeezed
  • UWURACER – Jinshi
  • 2NDARC – Fallen Spirit
  • SPF-GS: Sunprotec
  • SADGE – Sadge Pet
  • LEAK – Crate Key
  • CHATTYPEEPS – Redeem for Reward

Expired Ghost Simulator Codes

  • m3ta – Redeem codes for an OP Godly pet.
  • BOSSRAID – Redeem for Bloo Chonks Pet
  • S1LLYBUNNY – Crate Key
  • PUZZLE – Redeem for Sorry Board (must be in BloxByte Games Group)
  • SUMM3R – Redeem for a Snazzy Pegasus pet.
  • LIBERTY – 4th of July code
  • R3BIRTH – Redeem code for a Pegasus pet.
  • SH0P – Redeem code for a T-Duck pet.

Ectoplasm and Gems ares the name of two currencies in Ghost Simulator. Ectoplasm can be collected from every ghost you encounter and can be used to improve the size of your backpack and vacuum. 

Generally, players can get gem by hunting down ghosts or completing missions, and they are used to buying pet cages.

Pets can help you capture ghosts more quickly and boost your chances of getting the ectoplasm that you receive from them. 

Use some of the Roblox Ghost Simulator codes above to unlock a pet earlier in the game. This will assist you in getting through the game.


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