Roblox Mining Simulator 2 Season 1 patch log

Roblox Mining Simulator 2 Season 1 patch log: On June 24th, 2022, the Season 1 update for Roblox Mining Simulator 2 was released. With the patch, the game gains a battle pass that lets you perform tasks to unlock seasonal prizes.

You can only get a limited-edition Season Egg during this season. The patch notes provide information on several other significant game additions.

On our Mining Simulator 2 Codes page, several new codes have publish that will get you some freebies. In addition, the official Mining Simulator 2 Discord channel posted the following patch notes, which have been significantly reformatted.

  • This week-long +2x Luck Event is on!
  • Season 1 is begun!
  • To level up your season and earn rewards, complete challenges!
  • A limited-edition Season Egg with a limited-edition critter is inside a season pass!
  • Brand-new Gem Factory! Change your money for gems.
  • New Gem Enchant for Walk speed!
  • 2 New Accomplishments
  • Pickaxe, New
  • Fresh Backpack
  • New Featured Animal!
  • Enhancements to the Trading UI for item viewing
  • Fixing bugs

We currently know nothing more about the newest version of Roblox Mining Simulator 2! However, the Roblox area of our website has further details on various experiences.