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Roblox throwing Simulator codes January 2022

Roblox throwing Simulator codes: This is a complete list of Roblox Throwing Simulator Codes that you can use immediately. 

This guide will guide you through all working codes redeemable, which you can obtain Coins, gems, pets, Gems, and many other goodies.

Codings for Roblox’s Throwing Simulator (January 2022)

These are all current and valid codes available.

Active Codes

  • TWITTER Redeem the coupon to earn a Dominus Tweet Overlord pet.
  • HappyNewYear redeems coupon to earn 350 Coins and 150 Gems from Roblox’s Throwing Simulator.
  • Release redeem the coupon to earn 350 Coins and 150 Gems.

Expired Coupons

At present, there aren’t any codes that are expired. However, this will be updated whenever it becomes clear that expired codes exist.

How to redeem codes in the Roblox Throwing Simulator?

On the left-hand side of the screen is there should be the Twitter logo. By clicking it, you can open a Window to redeem your reward. 

Then, please take one of the codes above and insert them into the window to take your prize.

How do I Get More Codes?

The best source of more codes is the developers themselves. Follow these people, i.e., Dominus Studio!, on Twitter or other social media platforms; you can give you more codes. 

Another option is locating a Roblox Discord server or searching for the YouTube clip with the most recent codes. 

If you don’t wish to endure all the hassle, then save this page to your bookmarks, as we’ll update the page with the most recent codes.

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Check out the Roblox Game codes and Roblox Promo Coupons to obtain these codes and earn the fantastic rewards for free in Roblox Games. 


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