Russia might invade Ukraine within one month: White House

Russia might invade Ukraine within one month: White House. 

The White House on Friday released an announcement on the latest cyber-attacks conducted in Russia in the direction of Ukraine. 

It stated that the pattern of attacks being analyzed by its agencies indicates an imminent invasion by Russia within the next month.

“Intelligence agencies that are monitoring Russian cyber activities against Ukraine believe that Russia’s pattern of activities could indicate an attack on Ukraine in thirty days from now,” stated the White House in an official statement.

The previous day, the US declared that it was worried Russia might be preparing a cover story to attack Ukraine if diplomacy does not achieve its goals through cyberattacks, as reported by Reuters.

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The statement came in the wake of a massive cyberattack that impacted more than 70 federal websites belonging to the Ukrainian government. 

It includes the council for security and defense and the security and defense council, along with a warning message, “be scared and be prepared for the worst.

The cyberattack, which the Ukrainian state security agency said had evidence suggesting Russian involvement, took place just hours after security talks were held between Ukraine and Russia.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said to journalists that the United States was concerned that Russia was planning an attack by the military.

“As in its strategy, Russia is working on preparing for inventing a cover for an invasion via sabotage actions and information operations, accusing Ukraine of making preparations for an imminent attack against Russian forces in the eastern region of Ukraine,” Psaki said.

The Russians, however, Moscow constantly denied the assertions of a cyber-attack even though it has accumulated around 100,000 military personnel along the frontiers of its neighbors. On Friday, it released photos of additional troops in motion.



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