We have fantastic news for the fans as the trailer of the Saint Seiya manga’s live-action film Knights of the Zodiac has finally been revealed. According to the official website, the film Saint Seiya: The Beginning will be on-air in Japan on April 28, 2023, with an intriguing tagline, “Pegasus will rise.”

Yoshi Ikezawa, the producer of Toei Animation, shared some insights into the film with the news website Variety. He said that Toei Animation aims for six movies as a complete package for the live-action franchise. It means the conversation is underway to make the sequels of the most-awaited Knights of the Zodiac film.

Saint Seiya Manga’s Live-Action Knights of the Zodiac

According to a Hollywood Reporter, the movie is labelled as an origin story starring Mackenyu as Seiya, a street orphan. Seiya will embark on an adventurous journey to conquer the ancient Greek armor of Pegasus after being awakened by a mystical energy called Cosmo.

Sienna is a young girl struggling to control her godly powers, and Seiya, the title hero of the franchise, participates in a preternatural battle that will determine Sienna’s fate.

Besides Seiya and Sienna, Alman Kiddo is a mentor who discovered a reincarnated goddess and founded a knights’ order. Later, he recruits Seiya in the Knight order for the ultimate fight the fans have long waited for.

Kurumanda published the original Saint Seiya manga from 1986 to 1990. The manga has been extremely popular and has inspired several anime films, television anima, and spinoff manga. Interestingly, the original series had around 35 million printed copies, which is fantastic.

Later, Viz Media published the original manga titled Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac in English. Next, ADV Films released the anime adaptation with an English dubbing titled Knights of the Zodiac.

Crunchyroll has started streaming Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac – Battle for Sanctuary. It’s the second season of the CG anime remake. The first part debuted in July 2019 with six episodes. Furthermore, the 12 episodes of the first season featured the Galaxian Wars and Silver Saint arcs described in the manga. The fans will see the third season.

Film Cast

Knights of the Zodiac is a star-studded film featuring:

  • Mackenyu – Pacific Rim: Uprising
  • Madison Iseman – Jumanji sequels
  • Sean Bean – Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings
  • Famke Janssen – X-Men, The Vault, Taken
  • Nick Stahl – Fear the Walking Dead
  • Diego Tinoco – On My Block
  • Mark Dacascos – John wick: Parebellum

Besides the incredible cast, Tomasz Baginski, a Polish animator and special effects creator, will direct the film for Toei Animation with Sony Pictures. Interestingly, Tomasz Baginski is an academy award-nominated short animation titled “Katedra,” The Witcher.

Moving on, Andry Cheng will be the stunt and fight coordinator who initially worked for the Legend of the Ten Rings and Shng-Chi.

Also, Matt Stuecken and Josh Campbell have written the film script, and Sony Pictures will be responsible for Worldwide Acquisition outside Japan except in the Middle East and China.