Santa Barbara Celebrates Thanksgiving the American Riveria Way

Santa Barbara Celebrates Thanksgiving the American Riveria Way.

SANTA BARBARA – It has become a tradition of the Castro family. Bringing family members from Ventura, Oxnard and Los Angeles to Santa Barbara to play volleyball over the holidays.

“Everything here is my family,” said Pedro Castro-Pérez. “So all the generations, all the people here.”

Three generations of Castros served up some Thanksgiving fun to work up an appetite before their big meal.

Stephen Castro is one of the young members of the family. He said, “I like cakes, ice cream, and chocolate bars.”

While on State Street, locals and tourists trade plate duties for wait service.

Fern O’Shea came to Santa Barbara with her family who lives in El Segundo, California and Denver.

“This State Street is really cool,” O’Shea said. “With all the lights in here and everything, it’s really nice. It is fun. It is very festive. It’s really great. And we can spend time together and not have to do the dishes. ”

Some restaurants were open for sit-down or take-out meals. Some came to eat, others to watch football, some to both. For a Mexican family, it was this year’s Thanksgiving meal. However, they did not forget the more traditional foods.

“When I get home I’m going to cook a Cornish hen and stuff,” O’Shea said. “I’m going to eat my stuffing and potatoes.”