Scholz says Putin Won't Attack Other Countries

Scholz says Putin Won’t Attack Other Countries. 

Given Russia’s violation of international law in Ukraine, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated that no one could assume Russia would not attack other countries and that Germany would support Finland and Sweden if they opted to join NATO.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has upended the post-World War II order, compelling Europe to strengthen its defense strategy, Scholz said in a press conference flanked by Sweden’s and Finland’s prime ministers, Magdalena Andersson and Sanna Marin.

The two leaders had arrived at Schloss Meseberg, just north of Berlin, to start the German cabinet’s two-day retreat to address Europe’s security situation.

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Finland and Sweden have been considering seeking membership in NATO’s western military alliance since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which it defines as a “special military operation.” This would be a significant policy shift for the Nordic region.

“No one can presume the Russian president and government will not infringe international law with aggression on subsequent occasions,” Scholz added.

Scholz was quoted in a separate interview with Stern magazine claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s stance was imperialistic and that he saw neighboring countries as Russia’s backyard.

“With violence, he wants to expand his area and push the borders,” he stated. “In a world that has changed, he is feverishly striving to re-establish Russia’s old prominence.”

According to him, Putin looked to desire to take control of a section of eastern and southern Ukraine, establishing a new contact line that would eventually lead to a truce.

“That is not a long-term solution,” he remarked. “Putin must reach an agreement with Ukraine.”

Finland, according to Marin, possesses realistic defense capabilities and a strong desire to defend itself.

“We’ve kept a strong and modern conscript army that can function with NATO and is ready to act,” she said.