Secret Cat Forest Codes

Secret Cat Forest Codes: Secret Cat Forest is an easy to play and relaxing game in which you can design a beautiful home for them using cute furniture pieces. The game offers the option of a night and day cycle, with gorgeous backgrounds and soothing sounds throughout the game.

 Today, we’ll review the new Secret Cat Forest codes that allow you to unlock a wealth of rewards for free in the game.

It is available on each iOS and Android gadget.

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Secret Cat Forest Cheat Codes

Here are all the Secret Cat Forest Codes:

  • JiyongLe-chatChopa – Redeem code for Spanish Version
  • Cricket – Redeem code for turning off cricket chirp sounds (Note: This code only works at night)
  • Rain-(Type Hours Here) – Type ‘Rain-24’ to rain for 24 hours, & ‘Rain-0’ to stop raining
  • safemode0 – Type to enter safe mode in Android devices to fix many issues
  • sfx-vol-(Type Level Here) – Type sfx-vol-5 for full volume
  • Snow – Redeem code for toggling Snow

Code “JiyongLechatChoppa'” is compatible with English, German, Italian and Portuguese versions. Be sure to bookmark this site (Ctrl+D), as we will add codes as soon as they are released.

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Expired Codes

  • kaseygolden – Redeem code for x2000 Wood & x4 Canned Fish in the game
  • HosicoCat – Redeem code for x2000 Wood & x4 Canned Fish in the game
  • Fun Story – Redeem code for x2000 Wood & x4 Canned Fish in the game
  • JiyongLechatChoppa – Redeem code for Secret Cat Shy
  • JiyongMatouChopa – Redeem code for French Version

How to Redeem Codes?

Here’s how you can get your Tamashi Codes Tamashi Codes:

  1. Start the game using your device
  2. Just click on Kitty’s pull-down string to open the page.
  3. this will be on the upper right-hand side of the screen
  4. Then click to open the Settings (gear) icon.
  5. Click on “Enter Code”
  6. Select One of these codes on our list of codes
  7. Enter it into this redeem window.
  8. Get your reward for Secret Cat reward for a free Secret Cat reward.

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