Andover Tornado 2022 ks

Andover tornado 2022: On Friday, severe weather erupted in Kansas as a destructive tornado ripped through a tiny community, slinging debris in all directions. 

Nearly 1,000 structures were damaged or destroyed by the Andover ymca tornado, according to officials.

On Friday evening, a violent tornado slammed Andover, Kansas, leaving a trail of wreckage and knocking out electricity for hundreds. 

However, only a few casualties were reported. Extreme Meteorologist Reed Timmer captured dramatic footage of the twister from numerous viewpoints.

Andover Kansas Tornado 2022

The Andover Kansas tornado 2022 can be seen whirling and gathering force in one video filmed from the ground. 

It lofted debris into the air, smashing across the little suburb located about 15 miles east of Wichita. 

According to Timmer, the tornado overgrew that it traveled “from 10 [mph] to 300 [mph] in seconds.”

See How This Powerful Andover Tornado 2022 Ruined Small Town in Kansas

From kilometers away, the tornado could be seen. Ali Davis, an AccuWeather Lead Storm Warning Meteorologist in Wichita, captured the twister on her front porch.

Officials claimed at a press briefing on Saturday morning that the acute epidemic in Andover had resulted in zero deaths and four injuries, all considered mild. 

One person was hurt while evacuating, another was hurt by debris, and two more were hurt while reacting to the site.

“We’re still worried about the regions of the fire district where we haven’t yet…searched. That is our primary goal, and the firefighters are currently working on it.” On Saturday morning, Andover County Fire Chief Chad Russell stated in a press conference.

Because of the tornado’s extensive route, Russell said the hunt for victims began in Sedgwick County and continued into Butler County, following the storm’s full path.

Roads leading into the city were closed before midnight CDT, according to the Andover Police Department, as emergency services worked to clear debris, assess the damage, and reconnect power lines. 

By Saturday morning, though, many of the roads were clear. 

However, according to Russell, highway 54 remained closed since power lines were still down on the route.

Russell also revealed that 966 structures were in the tornado’s path. However, the exact number of damaged ones is yet unknown. 

The Dr. Jim Farha YMCA center in Andover was one of the structures that incurred considerable damage.

Following the conclusion of a secondary examination by the fire department, another press conference was set for Saturday at noon, central time, with additional information.

Andover was devastated by a tornado that was part of a bigger severe weather system that passed over the country’s heartland late Friday.

“An area of low pressure that formed in central Kansas earlier on Friday powered the storms from the afternoon through the evening from Kansas and Nebraska to Oklahoma and Missouri,” noted AccuWeather Meteorologist Joseph Bauer.

According to multiple sources, as strong thunderstorms erupted late Friday in Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri, countless homes and businesses were damaged.

The storms brought hail the size of grapefruits and devastating winds and tornadoes. 

As motorists waited motionless in their cars, listening to hail pummel the exterior in Norfolk, Nebraska, footage showed hail covering the roadway. 

As of early Saturday morning, there were 14 tornadoes, about 130 wind reports, and over 85 hail reports reported across six states.