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Selectors need to select a person who will be the captain in the future: Dilip Vengsarkar.

Selectors need to select a person who will be the captain in the future: According to an ex-chief selector, two power centers with two power centers in Sharma and Kohli is not an issue.

The BCCI has made the right choice by making Rohit Sharma the India white-ball captain in T20Is and ODIs. Rohit has been doing very well since he got the call for his turn as captain. So I think it’s an excellent movie.

Today, Virat Kohli can focus on Test cricket while Rohit can concentrate on white-ball cricket, which he has played superbly as a captain in the past. He has won numerous titles for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL and also has performed admirably in the games he’s been selected to captain India’s Indian team.

Virat has enjoyed a successful time as his captain for his Indian white-ball team, and now the burden off his back will be eased 100. Virat is among the top batsmen in the world today.

 He has been successful and has had many outstanding performances under his direction. This will enable him to focus on more Test cricket which I believe is the best style of cricket.

I think there’s no problem with having two power centers inside India’s Indian locker room. They are professional players, after all, and will be able to do their best to complete the task that is in front of them. Similar will be valid for youngsters. They will try at their opportunities and take advantage of them.

As we can see in the case in England, Joe Root and Eoin are both doing very well as white-ball and Test captains. This means that split captaincy is a possibility to benefit both Virat and Rohit too. 

They won’t be burdened with too much. This will reduce pressure on them. Pressure on them because they won’t have to be in the spotlight constantly. They will also be able to focus on their game more effectively in other formats.

The main thing that needs to be addressed right now is that the National Selection Committee needs to select a person who will assume the captaincy shortly. 

This applies not just to the captaincy but also to players too. The importance of having backup players keeps everyone on the team engaged and on their toes.

The selectors’ job is to train players and provide enough possibilities and bench strength so that when great players retire, there’ll be no gap within the team. 

The situation can get out of control once there’s a hole. Look at the West Indies. They were the world’s top cricket team for 15 years before they changed from No. 1 to the team with the lowest ranking at one point (they currently rank No. 8].

As the selection committee chairman, we appointed Anil Kumble captain, and simultaneously we coached MS Dhoni and others. I also coached Ishant Sharma and brought Ishant Sharma to England because he wouldn’t be able to play in England. 

However, I was confident that he would be helpful in Australia in the future.

It is essential to groom players for this selection committee as well. It’s not enough to drop players into the ocean and expect them to swim. This does not convince me of things.

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