price of the Covishield Booster dose

The government has agreed to let all adults get a booster shot of Coronavirus from Sunday at private vaccination centers to stay healthy.

Adar Poonawalla, the Serum Institute of India CEO, said today that the move was good news. He says it’s a crucial decision.

There are restrictions on people who haven’t had a booster dose in some countries, so it’s hard for people who want to travel without one.

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Unlike the free booster shots for healthcare workers, frontline staff, and people over 60, the third jab will not be for most adults. This is because most adults will not be able to get it.

People say Covishield will cost Rs.600 plus taxes, and Covovax, if approved as a booster, will cost Rs.900 plus taxes once it’s approved as a booster.

Even though Mr. Poonawala said that Serum Institute would give significant discounts to hospitals and distributors who sell boosters, this is not true.