Simulation Maps in Splitgate

Simulation Maps in Splitgate: The Splitgate Simulation Maps come with the most recent Season 0 update, aiming to make playing the game more fun and exciting.

 It’s a significant upgrade to the game due to the brand new Portal Walls and strategically influenced layout for the map.

 Let’s look at what simulation maps are and how you can beat a game on the six new maps.

Split gate Simulation Maps Explained.

Simulation Maps available in Splitgate are more minor and cleaner maps available in specific game modes that focus on fast-paced gameplay. 

They are available only in Simulation Maps within Showdown, Takedown, or customized games. 

They have more Portal Walls than any normal map ever has. This provides you with more opportunities to design Portals that you can strategically place and stack up with teammates. This was not possible before. 

Also, your opponents are more likely to flank you and be astonished. Therefore, both players must be active in the Simulation Map within Splitgate.

As mentioned, Simulation Maps are only available only in Takedown, Showdown, and Custom Game Modes. 

To access this, you have to select the casual tab of matchmaking. Then, from the bottom of the page, players will choose these modes to play on Simulation Maps.

 Simulation Maps. Be aware of this: Simulation Maps designed for a maximum of six players. 

Therefore, each side will comprise three players per side. This is done to make sure that the match is more well-organized, especially in light of the addition of Portal Walls in these maps.

How do you win a match on the split gate simulation Map?

To be successful in a game in the Simulation Map within Splitgate, it is essential to stay together and contact your team members. 

The goal isn’t to separate from your fellow players. But, unfortunately, three vs. 1 is not an easy fight to beat on your own in these maps, where enemies can flank you and even kill you quickly. 

It is essential to constantly stay together with your team, observing and covering all sides that an attack is likely.

 The first few games may seem overwhelming, but repetition will make you more proficient, and eventually, you’ll start realizing that you can win the Simulation Map matches easily.

What are the available Simulation Maps? Maps?

At present, we have 6 Simulation Maps that are available in Splitgate. These are:

  • Alpha (Simulation)
  • Bravo (Simulation)
  • Charlie (Simulation)
  • Delta (Simulation)
  • Echo (Simulation)
  • Foxtrot (Simulation)

This is all you should be aware of regarding Simulation Maps in Splitgate.