Singapore Chong Pang Market reopens today after two-week shutdown

Singapore Chong Pang Market reopens today after two-week shutdown. 

Singapore: Chong Pang Market is one of the most popular wet markets in Singapore. The government shut the market for the last couple of days due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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However, the market reopens today after a two-week shutdown. We see a peaceful morning at Chong Pang Market today. 

As the center of the neighborhood outside was bustling with activity, merchants lamented the sparse crowd inside.

A fishmonger who gave his name only as Mr. Yap said: “This is one of the four main markets in Singapore. Look at it now. The big market is dying too. What to do?”

Yap, 29, told The Straits Times that since the Covid-19 outbreak at the Jurong fishing port last month, business at his post has dropped by 80 percent.

Despite bringing in fewer supplies in anticipation of slower business on the first day of the market reopening, he still had about half of his shares left at 10 a.m., he said. He had opened his stall at 4 in the morning.

“We definitely can’t clear it all up today,” he said.

Chong Pang Market is one of several markets and hawker centers forced to close due to the massive group in Jurong Fishing Port.

The group is also the reason behind Singapore’s recent move back to phase two (high alert), with tighter restrictions on Covid-19.

Along with Haig Road Market and Food Center, the wet market in Chong Pang was closed to the public for two weeks from July 21. The government wanted to break the Covid-19 transmission chain and allow for deep cleaning of the premises.

It was after 35 cases of Covid-19 were detected among people working or visiting the two locations. Twenty-five cases were detected in Haig Road Market and Food Center, and 10 in Chong Pang Market.

The Chong Pang Market was first closed for cleaning on July 18 after a fishmonger working there tested positive for the coronavirus.

More infections detected in the market led to the two-week shutdown. The adjacent food center also underwent a deep cleaning but was allowed to remain open.

The Nee Soon City Council later said it would waive maintenance and service fees, as well as temporary occupancy license fees, for affected merchants during the two weeks.

It is also the case of seven other markets and food centers managed by municipalities managed by the PAP that was closed after the appearance of the Covid-19 clusters.


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