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Singapore freezes ticket sales to allow arrivals that are not quarantined

Singapore freezes ticket sales to allow arrivals that are not quarantined. 

Singapore: The city of Singapore will block the sales of tickets for coming flights and buses as part of its quarantine-free travel scheme until Thursday. 

The government announced it was due to the danger posed by the Omicron COVID-19 variant, rapidly spreading.

In the vaccinated travel lanes (VTL) program, Singapore allows quarantine-free entry for travelers who have been fully vaccinated from certain countries via specific flights or buses. However, the travelers must go through regular tests.

Around two dozen countries are included in the list, including Australia, India, Malaysia, Britain, and the United States.

No new tickets will be issued to people who hope to visit these countries between the 16th of January and January. 20th The government announced this on Wednesday.

“Our border measures will help to buy us time to study and understand the Omicron variant and to strengthen our defenses, including enhancing our healthcare capacity and getting more people vaccinated and boosted,” the health ministry stated in an announcement.

The government has stated that it will also lower the VTL ticket sales and quotas for travel starting January. 20. In the case of flights, the overall amount of VTL tickets will be limited to 50% of the allotted amount.

Travelers who already have tickets for VTL buses or flights and satisfy the other conditions can still travel with the program.

The government also asked visitors to Singapore to be cautious about social interactions, to avoid large gatherings and dining in restaurants for seven consecutive days, regardless of when their exams, that they are required to take every day of the duration of the week, are not positive.

Singapore has confirmed the presence of 65 cases of imported Omicron cases and several local cases. However, the government claims it could reduce the spread of onward transmission.


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