Slitterhead: Slitterhead is most likely drawing on the lessons that Silent Hill taught us. Silent Hill However, it might also be influenced by a well-known Japanese urban myth.

Horror is among some of the more subjective forms currently in existence. However, an experienced game designer such as Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama can create an experience that will get into the psyche of almost any person.

 His latest title, the bizarre and disturbing Slitterhead, is a clear example of learning from the experience he had making his previous titles and taking them to the next level. But, Slitterhead seems to draw an inspiration beyond earlier Keiichiro Toyama titles such as Silent Hill and Siren.

 It is also believed to have been loosely based on the legend of Japanese mythology that’s been in circulation for a long time, if not centuries.

In the opening of the Slitterhead trailer, which was revealed at the beginning of the Slitterhead trailer, which was released during The Game Awards 2021, The trailer shows an incident in which an individual walking by himself in the dark is confronted by a woman dressed in pink attire. 

She is seen emerging from a street and gives an edgy look, but when the camera’s lens is set upon her head, something goes wrong. Several videos focus on her neck expanding and her body sagging, and most importantly, her mouth expanding to cover all the top of her head. 

Shadows and silhouettes capture a large portion of the change into this bizarre spider-like creature; however, the video focuses on her mouth opening wide. There might be a legitimate reason for this.

The Legend of the Slit-Mouthed Woman

The kuchisake-onna, which is often transliterated in English in the form of “Slit-Mouthed Woman,” is old Japanese mythology that’s been in circulation for quite some time.

 While her roots appear to be a mystery, some scholars cite her existence going as far back as the 1800s. However, she exploded into the spotlight during the 70s. It is believed that they believe she’s the ghost or spirit of a woman whose appearance was damaged by a raged man, or as in some more recent versions of the tale, plastic surgery done wrong. 

Slitterhead is also believed to be focusing on women’s faces that are distorted. It isn’t the first time a gaming game derived its inspiration from the Yokai.

The latest version of the Slit-Mouthed Lady is a beautiful woman with a face mask who walks by on their own and asks if they’re gorgeous. She kills those who say”no,” but when people respond yes, then she removes her mask to reveal that her mouth is cut open from ear to ear and asks whether she’s still gorgeous like this.

 Afterward, she offers the person a glare to be a mirror image of her. The scene of the Slitterhead trailer, where the pink-colored woman approaches the man on her own and then fights him, is an exact recreation of the classic battle with the Slit-Mouthed Lady and Japanese horror films often draw the inspiration of urban myths.

Tell Her She’s Pretty

While very little information about Slitterheadis is known to date, the images of mouths opening extensively and a gorgeous woman advancing on a man on their own are similar to the legend. 

The primary difference appears to come from the fact that, in Slitterhead, the player is in a position to fight the monster. As a result, its Slitterhead trailer draws cues from action games such as Devil May Cry yet maintains an eerie, uncomfortable atmosphere.

 The Slit-Mouthed woman story has an eerie resemblance to western urban legends such as Bloody Mary, with one significant difference: people don’t summon her; she appears without prompting, which seems to be in keeping with the tone Slitterhead has intended to create.

Since 1979, the Slit-Mouthed Women legend frightened children and adults alike, prompting numerous to devise rituals to chase this spirit out. There are various versions of the tale that say she can be dispelled by shouting the word “pomade” three times or that she’ll let her victims go when bribed with hard candy. 

It’s possible to ask how she can consume hard candy with the mouth open, but it’s unclear what the condition of her mouth maybe. Bleeding or has recovered in an unnatural shape. Other versions of the tale recommend telling her she’s not good enough or refusing to answer the question in any way. 

Whatever the case, the Slit-Mouthed Women legend is a good source of inspiration to create a terrifying game similar to Silent Hill.

Slitterhead has been currently under the process of development