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Where to Find the Snowball Launcher in Fortnite?

Snowball Launcher in Fortnite: The winter months are the perfect time to start throwing snowballs over people’s heads.

 However, making the proper snowball is an intricate art, especially in the case of the constant danger of being hit by a snowball, which is why sometimes it’s best to use some.

 Mechanical help. Here’s the location to locate a Snowball Launcher within Fortnite.

The Snowball Launcher is a unique weapon that comes back in Fortnite each year during this year’s Winterfest event. 

It’s precisely what it’s sounded like: a tiny CO2-powered cannon that launches balls of frozen doom.

 Each shot fired by this Snowball Launcher explodes within an area of a few inches, instantly taking approximately 50 damages. 

It’s an enjoyable device to use during the winter season that you should purchase one to complete an obstacle in the Winterfest task that requires you to inflict 50 damage to your opponents.

Where to Find the Snowball Launcher in Fortnite

To locate a Snowball Launcher within Fortnite

  1. Loot a chest
  2. Unwrap a present left by Sgt. Winter
  3. Kill a player that already has one

The Snowball Launcher doesn’t have a rapid and reliable point of spawn.

 It’s not a standalone item; it’s integrated with other weapons in the game. 

So the only reliable way to locate a Snowball Launcher is looking for the chest. 

If you are aware of any places where you can find chests, try dropping near them before the game start, and maybe you’ll be lucky.

In addition to looking through chests, you can also have a possibility to win a Snowball Launcher as an item that give to you as a gift. 

During the Winterfest celebration Sgt. Winter may appear on top and scatter gifts everywhere. 

If you’re lucky enough to receive one, it could be a Snowball Launcher inside.

You’re not successful, be on the lookout for other RC Snowball Launcher players. 

If you happen to stumble upon one, you may be able to “persuade” them to surrender it to you through bullets.

 Many players are attempting to finish this Snowball Launcher challenge, so the odds are high that anyone who comes across the Launcher will make extensive use of it.

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