Sonic Frontier product leak displays mysterious characters

Sonic Frontier product leak displays mysterious characters: New Sonic Frontiers goods and artwork have leaked from the Japanese shop Shopee. The product slated for distribution in November, according to the ad, which Tails Channel discovered.

The Sonic Frontiers key art depicts the Blue Blur standing with Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, and the Kocos monsters who live on Starfall Islands and seem to have drawn by Yuji Uekawa, is the most significant piece of merchandise to take notice of. In addition, two more characters hint at by the outlines behind them.

Although it hasn’t been verified, some fans have hypothesized that the new characters Sage and one of the Titans Sonic battles against are.

Other products include what look to be plushies in some instances. Sonic is one of them, clutching a key topped with a Chaos Emerald that he acquires as he advances through the Cyber Space Levels.

The third plush has Sonic dozing while holding a Koco on his lap, while the second features a little Koco.

Additionally, the artwork refers to Sonic Frontiers’ DLC. However, we’re not sure why DLCs are suggested now.

Though Sega didn’t mention them during the demo presentation for the game on IGN First or during Summer Game Fest in June.

Sega has not yet officially acknowledged the legitimacy of the goods and DLC. It hasn’t officially announce that they will release on November 15.

Sega said that it has no immediate plans to postpone the release of Sonic Frontiers, which schedule for the Christmas season of 2022. On August 23, the business intends to reveal a brand-new trailer and other details about the game at Gamescom.