Sri Lankan army once again attacked the Indian fishermen

The Sri Lankan army once again attacked the Indian fishermen by throwing stones at them.

The Sri Lankan Navy has been accused of attacking a group of Indian fishermen. On Sunday, the Rameshwaram Fisheries Department in Tamil Nadu said the navy was suddenly throwing stones.

As a result, at least 60 fishing boats were damaged. The fishing net with 25 ships has been broken.

A representative from the Department of Fisheries told the media on Sunday that 558 boats went fishing at sea on Saturday night. It was then that the Sri Lankan navy set out to patrol in five large ships or boats.

As per the fishermen, they were throwing rocks. They attacked Indian ships near the Indo-Sri Lankan border. No fishermen are known to have been injured in the incident.

SM Emeritt, the representative of the fishermen’s association, stated that the Sri Lankan navy threw stones at some boats.

Expressing concern over such incidents, she appealed to the Center and the Tamil Nadu government to take action.

History has shown that fishermen from India and Sri Lanka used to cross the waters of the two countries to fish.

However, the Sri Lankan government has prohibited Indian fishermen from entering its waters since the international border was demarcated, especially after the defeat of the LTTE.

Former Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa once proposed to Sri Lanka on a deal. By which Tamil Nadu fishermen could legally go fishing in Sri Lankan waters.

It was suggested that the number of fish in the waters of the Indian subcontinent was low.

By the way, around two lakh fishermen in the state have to depend on fishing for their livelihood. They have no other permanent alternative livelihood.

Meanwhile, China’s relations with Sri Lanka have gradually improved in recent years. China has invested heavily in the country.

As a result, diplomatic pressure on India has increased. And gradually the challenge has become to overcome the crisis of fishermen in Tamil Nadu.