Star silver locations in Genshin Impact

Star silver locations in Genshin Impact: The Dragonspine area of Genshin Impact has the rare mineral known as star silver. Therefore, one of the most challenging areas to explore is this hilly area.

Numerous items and weapons may make using star silver. Where to get Starsilver in Genshin Impact describe in this tutorial.

In Genshin Impact, where can you find Starsilver?

The area of Dragonspine is dangerous to go through. Therefore, your characters will gradually become frozen in this location over time.

Keep an eye on the bottom of the screen as you move about this area. A blue bar will begin to fill, and when it does, Sheer Cold will apply to you.

You will gradually lose health until your party destroy after Sheer Cold has gained control of your party.

Bring a Pyro character with you while you search for Starsilver to counteract this effect. Torches can be lit, and barriers can melt with fire.

The Sheer Cold status effect will reverse by flames, torches, and teleportation markers. So keep an eye out for them at all times.

Star silver Ore is widely distributed across the frigid and rugged landscape of Dragonspine. When patrolling this region, keep an eye out for the things shown below.

Only in the Dragonspine region does this uncommon ore spawn. It might take a node 48 to 72 hours to respawn after you mine it.

Every indication of Starsilver ore is shown on the map below.
The small number of items and weaponry that call for this mineral must make from star silver.

Following this path will keep you out of the cold while also bringing you a lot of Starsilver. Walk away from the mountain until the blue status meter goes away if you are about to freeze.

The most secure way to get this resource is via this route.

Following are some crafting recipes that call for star silver ore.

  • The Starsilver Claymore with Snow Tombs.
  • The Polearm of the Dragonspine Spear.
  • The catalyst for Frostbearer.
  • Thermos Bottle (This item keeps you warm while traversing Dragonspine).
  • Ore for subtle enhancement.

We advise avoiding using Starsilver to make the Warming Bottle and Fine Enhancement Mineral since it is such a complex ore to harvest. Instead, save up your silver to make the three rare weapons for your group, each of which will cost 50.

To continue farming Starsilver safely, stay out of the cold, and stick to the boundaries.