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Star Wars: Eclipse Needs to stand out from the Masses

Star Wars: Eclipse: With various Star Wars titles coming in 2022 and beyond, Star Wars: Eclipse will require a distinctive identity to draw gamers’ attention.

The Game Awards 2021 is known for its world premieres, and 2021’s night was no different. Quantic Dream unveiled an upcoming game that was previously undiscovered, that takes place in a galaxy away.

 Its Star Wars: Eclipse teaser provided everything fans could ever want from the Star Wars title: lightsaber battle and dogfighting, interstellar intrigue, and exotic locales from the distant future, as well as a touch of the taiko drumming.

Eclipse could likely become the very first game to be set within Star Wars’ High Republic Era, which is a place that Disney has developed mainly through comics and books. 

The trailer for Quantic Dream is sharp and stylish, but it poses the issue of how Eclipse could offer that other upcoming Star Wars titles can’t. 

Although Quantic Dream has attracted attention because of Detroit: the Become Human and Beyond Two Souls, The last two Star Wars titles have been awe-inspiring stories with excellent execution. In addition, the Eclipse will offer more intense competition with the return of a game set in the same time frame.

A plethora of Star Wars Games to Come

The eagerly-awaited sequel in the series Jedi: Fallen Order will probably please action enthusiasts by blending Unchartedand Unchartedesque exploration and souls-lite combat. 

The game’s story is told in a film-based story with great clarity. So it’s clear how a narrative-driven title from Quantic Dream might be able to scratch an additional desire. However, Fallen Order 2 isn’t even the only Star Wars title in the works Fans also have Ubisoft’sopen-world title.

The newly scheduled Knights of the Old Republic remake is likely to significantly impact fans of the original and newcomers alike. The game’s narrative is an essential basis for the past, pre-Disney Legend’s, canon. one of the best aspects that the game had was the level of interaction players had with their team. 

Apart from being a fantastic BioWare RPG, it also served as a drama about characters where players could make every shot.

A Genres-related Question

It’s essential to understand it is necessary to note that the High Republic is a distinct location in comparison to that of the Old Republic. However, it is hard to imagine the new narrative possibilities it could provide.

 The trailer’s visuals were stunning and had an unbranded opening than many similar Star Wars teasers, but it did feel like an actual Star Wars trailer

The only indications of the storyline of the game are slow eclipses and alien diplomats walking around cities that might appear to be Naboo and Coruscant, as well as drummers performing for a humanoid creature emerging from the oil-like substance.

Quantic Dream games like the 2018’s Detroit: The Become Human are defying conventional definitions and operate in a more technical field than the majority of titles from Telltale Games’ work, but not necessarily less narrative-driven. 

The issue will be how Quantic Dreams can stick to its formula or if Star Wars is still enjoyable without the combat. What makes it distinct while still maintaining its distinctive emphasis on narrative if it isn’t.

Force Sensitivity

One possibility for how Quantic Dream could distinguish Eclipse from the rest could be to investigate Force power differently. At the same time, most Star Wars games concentrate on their use in combat, with very few foci on the Jedi mind trick, vision-quest, and the mysticism aspect.

 All the other upcoming games are also expected to include the Force significantly. However, most of them will be in an action-focused manner, such as Fallen Order 2 or as toolkits for puzzle solving, similar to LEGO Star Wars, or as a way of character growth and development KTORremake and possibly in Ubisoft’s game with an open world.

When Quantic Dream dedicates its attention to narratively using the Force, Eclipse might offer the fans a different Star Wars experience that is more personal and a bit different from the one that players are used to.

 But that’s not to suggest that Jedi must have all the enjoyment. The same focus on other non-combat strategies, such as the smugglers evading capture, playing Sabak to get information, or imperial senators and Jedi councilors discussing matters of significance, could have a similar dynamic.


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