Stay Safe During a Thunderstorm

Stay Safe During a Thunderstorm: A few precautions for staying safe during thunderstorms and sandstorms have recently published by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).

The monsoon has already spread throughout the nation, and several states will likely see thunderstorms and storms with significant rainfall.

Thunderstorms and hurricanes often severely damage domestic animals, crops, and cars. In a recent tweet, the NDMA gave a few tips for preparing for potential thunderstorms and hurricanes.

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The recommendations are divided into three sections: preparation before the storm, precautions to take during the storm, and things to remember.

Following the NDMA’s Dos and Don’ts, this is how to prepare for a thunderstorm.

  • Put together an emergency kit with goods you’ll need to stay alive and be safe.
  • Make repairs, then secure your home. Never leave sharp things lying about.
  • Observe the most recent events on radio and television.
  • These are the things to bear in mind when the storm arrives:
  • But, try to remain indoors and away from the balconies and verandas.
  • Unplug all electrical devices and stay away from corded phones.
  • Avoid using flowing water and interacting with metal pipes.
  • Steer clear of roof structures and metal sheeting.

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If you are in a vehicle or bus, stop.

  • Do not seek cover under or next to a tree. Avoid touching electricity wires.
  • Use non-metallic items only.

Following the storm, NDMA advises:

  • Do not enter storm-damaged regions.
  • Assist the frail, young, and those with disabilities.
  • Clear downed trees and electrical wires, and notify the appropriate authorities.
  • The NDMA also provided advice for pet owners.
  • Create a secure location for the animals within or close to your house.
  • Keep animals away from open seas.
  • Don’t let your animals seek refuge beneath a tree.