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Streamer Kanno Breaks Super Mario 641 Star World Record

Streamer Kanno Breaks Super Mario 641 Star: It’s not difficult to spot an array of speedrunners trying to break world records or create new personal documents on Super Mario 64. Because of one or the other reason, it’s a massive hit within the running community, and many are trying to complete the game as fast as possible. 

There are various games that beginners can learn how to speedrun, such as Super Mario Odyssey, and this classic N64 game might be a good one to consider when they first start.

 In addition, the record for the previous record has been broken, and the person who did the whole thing live on streaming.

In a clip posted on Reddit in the past, Twitch user Kanno can be seen in the final 30 seconds, beating one last Bowser enemy during Mario 64 and then laying the controller in relief, having set the record for the first time. The clock’s time shows 7:07, which is quite fast.

 It’s worth noting that this was achieved by receiving one star. This is an impressive achievement. According to some of the comments and speedrun.com, that record was held by the former holder who beat 7:15 a few days ago.

There are a variety of categories with regards to speed printing Super Mario 64, and they usually focus on the number of stars that players earn throughout the course. Like Kanno and the former world record holder, certain players can speed through the entire game with only one star, whereas ambitious runners try to get the full 120 stars. 

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However, the goal remains the same: to reach the end of the credits as fast as you can. As thrilling as any speedrun attempts may be, however, some would like to increase the challenge even higher.

Recently, a user decided to speedrun Mario 64 while wearing blindfolds. 

They were able to finish with the time 1:44:28, which is still a great time considering their disadvantage. Blindfolded runs are getting more well-known, particularly with summer Games Done Quick, an event for charity that raises funds through speedruns. 

They are looking to incorporate this type of run challenge into the races.

It is an example of one of the top Mario games ever in the game’s history; it is no wonder that the Nintendo 64 title is still running strong over two and a half decades, especially in the community of runners. 

Kanno’s record-breaking world record in the category of one star will set the standard for others to follow. It is yet to be determined how long they can hold the form, but it does show that this title will keep people coming back to see more.

Super Mario 64 was released in 1996 to accompany it with the Nintendo 64.

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