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Swami Vivekananda’s birthday , PM Modi paying tribute.

Swami Vivekananda’s Birthday: In 1984, the Government of India declared Swami

Vivekananda’s birthday, January 12, to be National Youth Day, to pay tribute to one of

India’s top spiritual and philosophers, Vivekananda, and his legacy.

 Since the 12th of January, 1985, this day has been observed.

Social media users took to Twitter Premier Narendra Modi tweeted, “I pay tributes to the

great Swami Vivekananda on his Jayanti. His was a life devoted to national regeneration. 

He has motivated many youngsters to work towards nation-building.

 So let us keep working together to fulfill the dreams he had for our nation.”

Swami Vivekananda’s philosophy and the life:

Born as Narendranath Datta on the 12th of January 1863, in Kolkata, West Bengal, Swami

Vivekananda was from an early age a spiritualist.

 He was the foremost follower of the 19th-century mystic, yogi, and mystic, Ramakrishna

Paramhansa. He was also the founder of his own Ramakrishna Math in Kolkata.

 Swami Vivekananda’s most outstanding achievements are the revived modern Hinduism

and the arousing nationalist spirit during colonial rule.

 His speech from 1893 in Chicago was pivotal in putting Hinduism on the global stage by

making it accessible to all Western world. 

Swami Vivekananda passed away on July 4th, 1902.

National Youth Day 2022: Celebrations to commemorate Vivekananda’s birthday anniversary

In a statement released from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), the festival aims to

influence the minds of the youth of India and turn them into power for building a nation. 

To commemorate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, Prime Minister Narendra

Modi will inaugurate the 25th National Youth Festival on Wednesday in Puducherry through

video conference.

It is regarded by many as one of the most significant initiatives in social cohesion and

integration of the mind and culture. 

It aims to unite the different cultures from India and bring them together into a single

thread called “Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’.

In this year’s edition, considering the growing COVID scenario, the event is scheduled to

take place virtually between January 12 and 13.

 The festival’s opening is followed by a National Youth Summit wherein panel discussions

about four distinct themes. 

In keeping with the focus on youth-led development model and encouraging youngsters to

address the latest problems and issues, the topics include:

  • Environmental, climate, and SDG-driven growth.
  • Technology innovation, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, and indigenous and traditional wisdom.
  • The national identity, nation-building, and homegrown.

Video clips from Puducherry, Auroville, Immersive City Experience, and traditional sports

and folk dances. They will show to participants throughout the Festival. The Festival will

also feature open conversations of Olympians and Paralympians and live performances at

the night’s end. 

In addition, virtual Yoga sessions will be scheduled in the morning.

In addition to promoting the fundamentals of Swami Vivekananda principles to the younger

generation, the BJP youth wing is organizing an essay competition across the nation. 

Participants can choose to compose their article with the help of English, Bengali, Hindi,

Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Assamese, Punjabi, Odia, or Gujarati.

 Anyone over 35 years old is qualified to take part in the competition. The last day for the

electronic submission of entries is 20 January. 

Winners will be released on January 23rd.

“Continuing its glorious tradition of remembering the true sons of the country, a national

essay writing competition is being organized by the BJYM on the birth anniversary of Swami


This program is launched to commemorate Swami Ji and popularise the essence of his

teachings among the youth,” the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) announced.

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