Taliban celebrate after the US troops leave Afghanistan

Taliban celebrate after the US troops leave Afghanistan after 20 years.  

The last US military plane flew from Afghanistan. The United States withdrew its troops before the August 31 deadline, as promised. 

And then the Taliban began to celebrate “total independence” with fireworks, rockets, and bombardments. At the same time, many Taliban celebrate with gunfire just after the US troops leave Afghanistan

Taliban ‘celebration’

The Taliban trapped hundreds of Afghans and returned them to the country by US forces. 

Meanwhile, the Taliban is in a festive mood. The Taliban claimed control of the Kabul airport by firing rockets. 

According to international media reports, Taliban spokeswoman Carrie Youssef said: “My country gained full independence only after the last US troops left Kabul airport.” 

The Taliban are delighted with the official end of the 20-year war. Many were seen shooting into the air to express their enthusiasm. 

Some started firing rockets again. Rockets fire and shots are heard from time to time in Kabul. 

Meanwhile, Taliban spokesman Jabidullah Mujahid said the situation was “somewhat chaotic” across the country. 

But once the government is in power, all problems will disappear.

What did Biden say?

“Those who wish to leave Afghanistan can leave the country safely, and the world is watching the promise of the Taliban,” US President Joe Biden said in a statement after the withdrawal. 

“Our military presence in Afghanistan has come to an end,” he said. In the last 18 days, the work of aerial evacuation of countless people has been completed. 

The US military says more than 120,000 Americans and foreigners have been rescued. 

The American military has demonstrated unmatched courage, determination, and professionalism.

Pentagon statement

The Pentagon says the United States has no more diplomatic representatives in Afghanistan. 

The office moved to Doha, Qatar. At the next level, diplomatic relations with Kabul will continue from Doha. 

On behalf of the Pentagon, General Kenneth McKenzie, head of the US Central Command, announced that “the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan is over and the rescue of Americans is over.”

Meanwhile, France and Germany ended the rescue operation on Friday. 

Britain’s latest rescue plane also carried more than a dozen people from Hamid Karzai International Airport on Saturday night.