Taliban fire on an anti-Pakistan rally in Kabul

Taliban fire on an anti-Pakistan rally in Kabul.

The Taliban fired again in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. According to the news agency, the Taliban fired to disperse the anti-Pakistan demonstration in Kabul.

News agency sources claimed that protesters gathered in front of the Pakistani embassy in Kabul with anti-Pakistan slogans and posters. Most of the protesters were women.

According to the news agency, the Taliban fired into the air to disperse the protesters in Kabul.

As per social media, there was a commotion among the protesters as soon as the shots were fired.

Many run for their lives. No one was injured or killed in the incident.

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On this day, women were seen protesting with banners in hand, with the slogan ‘Pakistan, Pakistan, leave Afghanistan.’

A large number of women joined the protest. The Taliban are alleged to have prevented journalists from taking photos and videos during the protests.

Afghan women have lived in an extreme panic since the beginning of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

The horrible memories of the Taliban regime from 1996 to 2001 are still fresh in the minds of many Afghan women.

As a result, on the one hand, they are worried. In addition, large numbers of Afghan women are seen in various protest processions.

A few days ago, the Pakistan air force attacked Panjshir. According to sources, a bomb was dropped on Panjshir on Sunday night from a Pakistani Air Force drone. As soon as the news broke, the international commotion began.

An international media outlet also confirmed that the Taliban were requesting the assistance of the Pakistani Air Force to launch an attack on Panjshir.

On the situation in Afghanistan on Tuesday, the Pakistani army chief said: “Let there be an interim management that changes the fate of the war-torn country.”

Despite the army chief’s claims, Afghans believe that Pakistan has close ties to the Taliban, who took Kabul last month.

From the beginning, there have been signs of support for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The Taliban are going to form a new government. Sources said that there was speculation in the international arena about the future of Afghanistan-Pakistan relations before that.

Fayez Hamid, the head of Pakistan’s ISI, recently met in Kabul.


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