Taliban government dismantles the Afghanistan Election Commissions

Taliban government dismantles the Afghanistan Election Commissions. 

The Taliban has dissolved Afghanistan’s election commissions and the state ministers for parliamentarian affairs and peace. An official announced it on the following day.

Bilal Karimi, the deputy spokesman of the Taliban-run Afghan government, announced a change in Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission and Electoral Complaint Commission were disbanded.

He said they were not necessary to address Afghanistan’s current state of affairs? 

However, he stated that if there’s the need for commissions later on and they are needed, the Taliban government could revive them.

The international community is waiting for official recognition of the new Afghan rulers. 

They are worried that the Taliban might impose a similar brutal regime to what they had the Taliban did twenty years ago, despite their claims that they will not.

Both commissions were tasked to supervise and administer all elections across the country. It includes provincial, parliamentary, and presidential council elections.

Karimi stated that Karimi said that the Taliban also disbanded his ministry, the Ministry for Peace, and the Ministry of Parliamentarian Affairs. 

Karimi claimed that these were unneeded ministerial positions in the current government structure.

The Taliban had earlier shut down the earlier Women’s Affairs Ministry.