Taliban Kidnaped 20 children of anti-Taliban fighters

Taliban Kidnaped 20 children of anti-Taliban fighters.

As time goes on, the Taliban make it clear that they haven’t changed a thing. Rather, his hands do not tremble in any cruel act to hold the thunderbolt over Afghanistan.

However, this time the jihadists kidnapped 20 children. He demanded that his parents surrender. The Taliban have taken this step to capture anti-Taliban forces.

Those children whose children are in that force. That is why the media across India claimed this kidnapping.

By the way, even though the Taliban have occupied Afghanistan, Panjshir remains a thorn in their side. Ahmed Masood’s forces are ready to fight the Taliban.
The Taliban have already threatened them that they will be ready for one final fight if they don’t give up.

Meanwhile, 20 children from the same force were kidnapped. It has been reported that the children will be returned only if Masood leaves Bahbi and surrenders.

The incident made it clear once again that the Taliban could resort to any kind of pettiness in their interest.

Along the Panjshir Valley, at the foot of the Hindu Kush Mountains, is the cause of the Taliban’s headaches. Panjshir has been the face of the anti-Soviet movement in Afghanistan since the 1980s, not today.

Ahmed Shah Masood was the forerunner of that movement. At the moment, his son Ahmed Masood is leading the movement.

A section of the Afghan army has also joined Masud’s forces. Amrullah Saleh has also taken refuge there after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani left the country.