Taliban ordered all female Employees to replace their job with males relatives

Taliban ordered all female Employees to replace their job with males relatives

The highest-ranking Taliban leaders in Afghanistan have requested that female workers submit male relatives to fill their positions.

They’ve been told to cease going to work and stay at home. The Guardian said that female Afghan finance ministry employees phoned female government officials to beg them to suggest male relatives who could fill such posts.

The news agency reported an employee stating, “I was requested to suggest a male family member replace you at the ministry so you could fire me.”

The employee got a call from the human resources division of the finance ministry asking her to suggest a successor for the position she had been working her way up to for 15 years.

The lady, who oversees a department in the ministry and has a master’s degree in business management, expressed doubt about the candidate’s qualifications if she were to suggest him as a successor since she has developed the necessary expertise over time.

“How can I quickly nominate someone to take my place? The lady questioned, “Would he be able to work as well as I have for so many years?”

She asked the official a few more questions and said she was interested in knowing what would happen to her and her work. She responded to the Taliban official by telling him that since she had been demoted after their takeover, she had just enough money to cover her son’s tuition.

She told the Guardian that when she questioned it, “an official angrily instructed me to get out of his office and indicated that my demotion was not negotiable.”

Since the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan, women are now subject to restrictions from the Middle Ages. The terrorists enforce a rigid interpretation of Islamic law and forbid women from entering workplaces such as schools and universities.

The laws also support the objectification of women and moral policing. For example, according to Sahar Fetrat, an assistant researcher with Human Rights Watch’s (HRW) women’s rights section, male relatives of women who the Taliban considers acting offensively are punished.