Taliban won't let female students leave Kabul to study

Taliban won’t let female students leave Kabul to study: According to reports cited by Sputnik, the Taliban (who are subject to UN sanctions for terrorism) have forbidden female students from leaving the Afghan capital to attend universities in Kazakhstan and Qatar.

According to the sources on Friday, both male and female students intended to depart Kabul. But only male students could fly out of Afghanistan to further their studies.

In September 2021, a temporary Afghan administration headed by the Taliban took office after the departure of US forces from the nation. And the fall of the US-backed government.

The Taliban imposed gender-based segregation in schools and forbade Afghan women from working outside the house. Beyond the sixth grade, girls are not permitted to continue their education.

In addition, the Taliban forbids women from engaging in leisure activities or going to parks simultaneously as males. And they are all required to cover their faces in public.

After the Taliban invaded Afghanistan in August 2021, the imposition of regulations severely limited fundamental rights, notably those of women and children. Taliban regulations forbid women from traveling unless they are escorted by a male relative and demand that women conceal their faces in public, even female TV newscasters.

In addition, the Taliban destroyed the system in place to address gender-based violence. Added additional obstacles to women’s access to healthcare. Interfered with the work of women’s relief workers, and assaulted women’s rights protestors.

The Taliban have infringed women’s and girls’ rights to education, employment, and freedom of travel since they seized power in August 2021. In addition, they have utterly destroyed the safety and assistance system for those escaping domestic abuse.

Additionally, the organization is responsible for the increased incidence of a child, early and forced marriage in Afghanistan. And the detention of women and girls for infractions of discriminatory laws.

Numerous rights organizations have urged the Taliban to adopt significant policy adjustments and steps to preserve the rights of women and girls. During their first news conference after seizing control of Afghanistan. The Taliban had previously spoken of creating an open society and promoting equality; nevertheless. Their current behavior paints a different image.

The lack of freedom of movement, access to education, and speech for women poses a danger to their life.

Locals claim that the Taliban forbids women from using smartphones. That the Women’s Affairs Ministry often demands money in exchange for providing crucial security.

It said that about 18 million women are fighting for the health, education, and social rights. According to the report, approximately 80% of women who work in the media have lost their employment.