city skyline across body of water during night time

Tampa is one of Florida’s premiere vacation spots. Especially for families who are traveling with young children, there are many amazing sights and sounds to enjoy in the Tampa area. By planning ahead, you can make sure you hit every must-see spot in Tampa during your next visit. To assist you, here’s a list of the five absolute best Tampa attractions in 2023:

1. Enjoy a Day with the Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay has been a go-to destination for pro baseball fans for years. In 2023, the newly-reformed sights and sounds you can enjoy at Tampa Bay’s Tropicana Field are better than ever before. Whether you have a baseball fanatic in your family, or you simply want a relaxing and enriching sports viewing experience that your whole family can enjoy, the pros at the Tampa Bay Rays will have you covered. Since you can get affordable tickets to Tampa Bay Rays games with ease, the attraction has become much more popular for tourists in recent years. After you enjoy a pro game at Tropicana Field, you may even find yourself falling in love with America’s most beloved sports game.

2. Chill Out at the Tampa Riverwalk

Once you’ve enjoyed a long, satisfying day at Tropicana Field (and hopefully saw the Rays bring home a win), you’ll want a more laid-back place to spend your next day at. For families who want a single amazing location where they can shop, eat, and kick back, the Tampa Riverwalk is a hard choice to beat. The family-friendly atmosphere, lack of traffic to deal with, and the beautiful layout of the Riverwalk’s design will thrill everyone in the family. Tampa is known for having one of the best riverwalks in the country, so you need to make sure you plan at least one full day at the famous Tampa Riverwalk. You’re almost guaranteed to find shops and restaurants that the whole family will be begging to return to before you leave your Tampa vacation. And the fact that you will not have to worry about busy city traffic will help you relax to the max.

3. Thrill Yourself at Busch Gardens Tampa

Who doesn’t love spending a day at a world-class amusement park? Many people make the trek to Tampa simply for the world-famous rides and attractions at Busch Gardens Tampa. This amazing, state-of-the-art amusement park will keep you and your family thrilled for days on end if you allow it. And did you know that Busch Gardens Tampa has been around longer than Disney World? This fact surprises many people and helps them realize that Busch Gardens is about as authentic of a Tampa experience as you can hope to have. The fact that it’s also one of the most exciting Tampa experiences you can hope to have is just a bonus. The family-friendly nature of the park, and the variety of ride accessibility options, have helped to make it that much more popular with tourists.

4. Go Under the Sea at the Florida Aquarium

When you’re in Florida, the majesty of the sea (and the variety of wildlife that lives in the ocean) is always on your mind. Take the time to learn about this amazing body of water and the life that calls it home, with a trip to the world-famous Florida Aquarium. While it may not be the biggest aquarium out there, it’s one of the most historic and well-respected. If you enjoy the learning experience of zoos and aquariums, you’ll love the more education-focused nature of the Florida Aquarium is run. You’ll also have the opportunity to let your younger family members enjoy a day of water-side fun at the Splash Park that’s located right alongside the Florida Aquarium. The more time you give yourself to enjoy the intricate (if somewhat-limited) attractions at Florida Aquarium, the more you’ll get out of this fantastically-curated aquarium experience.

5. Take in a Show at the Tampa Theatre

If you’re looking for some high-class entertainment in Tampa, the Tampa Theatre should be your go-to location. Whether you want to see a play, a musical act, or a cool movie, the Tampa Theatre is sure to have an option that will appeal to you. Even more incredible are the theatre’s low, low prices (with most shows and attractions being well below $20). If you’re looking for a cheap, but thrilling experience that’s authentically Tampa, then it’s hard to beat the Tampa Theatre. The fact that the theatre’s interior was designed by famous architect John Eberson helps to make the experience that much more magical.