Where is the ammunition factory in Fallout 76?

The ammunition factory in Fallout 76: A defunct ammunition factory may have mentioned in Fallout 76. However, any fortunate survivors looking to get a boatload of ammunition may still do it in this region for free.

Avoid being too greedy to avoid having it taken from you by others. You will have all the ammunition you could want if you defend it correctly.

How to locate the gun manufacturer

The term “ammo factory” does not refer to any location in Fallout 76. Instead, you should seek a facility known as the Converted Munitions Factory. It may find in the Savage Divide’s extreme north.

You won’t get a warm welcome when you arrive here. First, you must expel any opponents that may be hiding within the workshop since it is one.

In this situation, you must combat a sizable Super Mutants contingent. Once you’ve conquered them, you may go inside the workshop station and take control of the space for yourself.

how to get ammunition from the weapons factory

It would help if you first claimed ammunition before you may take it from the Munitions Factory. You’ll typically pay between 25 and 50 caps for this.

Once it has been claimed, a side quest instructing you to turn on the ammunition factory will appear. The Ammunition Factory, near the workshop station and resembles the ore extractor you would construct at other workshops, is adjacent to the workshop station.

It takes 20 megawatts to turn on the ammunition factory. The machine will start producing ammunition for you after you have created a sufficient number of generators.

Initially, it will produce 10mm ammunition. Utilizing the terminal in front of it, you may modify the kind of ammunition the machine has.

Except for Alien Blaster Rounds, you may instruct the machine to produce ammunition. Depending on the type you choose, the engine will produce munitions at a variety of speeds.

You will get less of the higher quality ammo since it takes longer to create. However, the Ammunition Factory is still a valuable resource for online ammunition gathering.