flood situation in Australia worsened

The flood situation in Australia worsened, and thousands more were evacuated from Sydney

Tuesday’s torrential downpours continued to lash Australia’s east coast, worsening Sydney’s flood disaster. Hundreds more people were asked to abandon their homes overnight as rivers quickly climbed over danger levels.

According to state Emergency Management Minister Steph Cooke, some 50,000 households in New South Wales. 

The majority in Sydney’s western suburbs have been instructed to leave or informed they might be given an evacuation order. On Monday, that number was just 30,000.

Heavy rains were caused by an extreme low-pressure system off the east coast of Australia, with some areas getting roughly a month’s worth of rain since Saturday. 

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Cooke told local television that the current violent storm cell is anticipated to subside in Sydney on Tuesday. 

However, the danger of flooding may persist throughout the week since most river catchments were already close to capacity before the storm.

Late on Monday, the federal government designated the floods a natural disaster, enabling people affected to receive financial assistance.

Tuesday will see the continuation of the rescue effort by emergency workers to pull a bulk carrier ship that lost power off the coast of Sydney after the tow lines snapped due to bad weather, according to authorities.

The weather bureau said that Windsor in Sydney’s west, which is experiencing significant flooding and is experiencing its third flood of the year, has water levels that are higher than they were at the beginning of the year.

Social media videos showed drowned streets and bridges as rescue workers pulled trapped motorists from half-submerged cars that became caught in the rising water.

Windsor homeowner Nigel Myron said he had kept an inflatable boat at the ready in case he has to flee, even though he plans to return to his home once the floods subside.