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The government begins selecting the following CDS

The government begins selecting the following CDS. 

Identifying the next Chief of the Defence Staff has been set in motion, Rajnath Singh said Thursday. However, he did not discuss any timeframe for the exercise.

After the tragic death of General Bipin Rawat, the country’s first Chief of the Defence Staff, in a helicopter crash on December 8th.

Army chief General M M Naravane has assumed some of the duties for the CDS as the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC). 

The COSC, which comprises the Army, Navy, and Air Force heads, is the primary body for deciding the military’s issues.

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The position of CDS was established, with General Rawat being appointed on January 1st, 2020. The CDS was appointed the permanent Chairman of the committee. He is the first of equals among four-star chefs. 

General Naravane assumed the post following General Rawat’s demise as he is the highest-ranking chief currently serving.

In the wake of General Rawat’s passing, which has led to an unexpected circumstance. According to the old system, the responsibility is now falling upon General Naravane’s shoulders. 

Based on seniority, the committee’s chairmanship was a rotation across the different services. 

It has been in operation since Independence. However, critics claim it can give the service chief only a few months before retirement to become the COSC.

However, now General Naravane is taking over in default until the appointment of a new CDS is chosen.

 IAF head of the air force, Air Chief Marshal V R Chaudhari, and Navy chief Admiral R Hari Kumar are two years older than General Naravane. He also is scheduled to retire in April of next year.

If he’s designated CDS, he’ll get an additional three years if he’s appointed CDS. As Lieutenant general rank officers are retired at 60years, the General rank officers and the chiefs of the service retire at the age of 62. The retirement age in CDS is 65. CDS of 65.

His position of authority, sources say, has made him the “natural selection” for CDS that the government has still decided. Not only is he considered to be the most top official in our military. 

But several members of the defense establishment believe the CDS should be a member of the Army at a minimum until the end of the theatre process.

Under General Rawat General Rawat, the three services had studied the design of integrated theatre commands – three for land and one for maritime defense and air security. 

However, there are disagreements among the forces regarding how assets should be split and who those in charge of the newly integrated theatres of the tri-services should report to.

Officials stated that general Naravane to be the following CDS is likely. His close relationship with General Rawat was appointed Army Chief of Staff by General Rawat. 

However, his appointment may alter the succession process in the Army. General Rawat was left with an additional year before retiring at 65 in 2022. General Naravane was due to retire.



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