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The Shared Anti-LGBTQ Agenda of The Heritage Foundation and the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

The Heritage Foundation and the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) have gained attention for their shared anti-LGBTQ agenda. Through policy proposals and advocacy efforts, these organizations have actively worked against LGBTQ rights, raising concerns about equality and inclusion within society.

Anti-LGBTQ Stance

The Heritage Foundation has positioned itself as a prominent conservative think tank with vocal opposition to LGBTQ rights. Under President Kay Coles James’ leadership, the foundation has denied access to abortion and birth control while promoting harmful policies targeting LGBTQ individuals. James herself has made derogatory remarks comparing LGBTQ people to “drug addicts, alcoholics, adulterers or anything else sinful.” She also tweeted that abortion is discriminatory against the most vulnerable in society, emphasizing that her anti-abortion efforts are geared toward fighting racism.

Emilie Kao’s Center for Religion and Civil Society at The Heritage Foundation further perpetuates transphobic beliefs by spreading misinformation about trans-inclusive restrooms being exploited by sexual predators. This false narrative adds fuel to their anti-LGBTQ agenda.

Similarly aligned is OCPA under President Jonathan Small’s leadership. OCPA has praised legislative actions to prevent males from sharing bathrooms with females in public schools. The president stated that it is abhorrent that transgender bathroom policy advocates dismiss the emotional health and safety of young girls in schools.

Shared Agenda

The affiliation between The Heritage Foundation and OCPA reveals a shared commitment to advancing an anti-LGBTQ agenda. Their collaboration is evident through OCPA receiving a $250,000 prize from The Heritage Foundation—an award solidifying their partnership in shaping politics, policy, and culture for freedom in Oklahoma.

This award is meant to appreciate OCPA’s role in empowering the nuclear family in Oklahoma, making it an active force in the public-policy-making process and Oklahoma culture. All these efforts are being made for the essential well-being of the entire nation.

Consequences for the LGBTQ Community

The shared anti-LGBTQ agenda of The Heritage Foundation and OCPA has grave consequences for the LGBTQ community. By opposing transgender rights and advocating for discriminatory policies, these organizations contribute to the marginalization and stigmatization of LGBTQ individuals.

One significant consequence is denying access to essential healthcare services like birth control. Birth control is for many LGBTQ individuals who may require it, but The Heritage Foundation and OCPA Anti-LGBTQ efforts work against providing equal access to necessary resources that are available to non-LGBTQ citizens.

Furthermore, their rhetoric and policies create a hostile environment that fosters discrimination toward LGBTQ individuals. For instance, schools that fail to designate separate bathrooms for males and females exclusively could face a reduced state funding of 5%. This toxic atmosphere has a severe impact on the LGBTQ community. It interferes with their mental health, causing many of them to fall into depression and anxiety, and in extreme cases, they may engage in self-harm or even suicide.

Additionally, by actively working against transgender rights and promoting discriminatory bathroom policies, The Heritage Foundation and OCPA further exacerbate societal barriers faced by transgender individuals. Denying their right to use restrooms aligned with their gender identity undermines their dignity while contributing to social exclusion. This is something we have dealt with before in America, and should have moved beyond such exclusion for any race, gender, or sexuality.

The shared anti-LGBTQ agenda between The Heritage Foundation and OCPA raises concerns about equal rights and inclusivity within society. Their opposition to transgender rights, denial of access to reproductive healthcare options, and harmful rhetoric contribute to an environment that undermines the well-being of LGBTQ individuals.