Based in the Las Vegas metropolitan area and headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, the Las Vegas Raiders had high hopes for this NFL season after doing incredibly well in the last season. At the same time, their on-field fortunes have varied considerably over the years; as of 2020, the team had more wins than losses, with an all-time score of 481 wins, 440 losses, and 11 ties. Their all-time playoff record also currently stands at 25 wins and 19 losses. 

Throughout the years, the team has gone through financial hardship, poor performance, and unreliable attendance, and it wasn’t until 1963 that the Raiders reached the postseason for the first time. This was the year they also advanced to Super Bowl II. However they were beaten by the Green Bay Packers. While the team has improved greatly over the years and has a strong reputation today, this reputation was recently put on the line when a league investigation revealed that Gruden had made racist remarks in emails from 2011 when working with ESPN. 

Gruden resigned in October last year after more information on the case was revealed by the New York Times. On top of this, the team has also lost a number of players due to other criminal behaviors coming to light, including Damon Arnette, who played as a cornerback, and Henry Ruggs, the II, who was also released as of November 2021. 

While recent times have been rocky, things seemed to pick up for the Raiders last season. However, this season is yet to reveal how it will play out. Let’s take a look at the Raiders this season so far. 

What’s gone down in the NFL Season for the Raiders so far?

As of 2021, the Raiders walked away from the season with a 10-win playoff. Part of their success was down to a new head coach – Josh McDaniels, as well as new big-name players, including receiver Davante Adams and pass rusher Chandler Jones. However, as we move into the current season, there’s an air of disappointment for the Raiders as they head into their bye week with one win and four losses. The events have been described as a major disappointment compared to what fans were expecting of them. 

Of course, the season isn’t over, but the Vegas NFL odds suggest they’re facing an uphill struggle. The big question everyone has on their minds is just how the Raiders are going to climb out of the giant hole they’ve got themselves into this season. One thing looking positive is their offense position, as they show a renewed commitment to running the ball, with Josh Jacobs heading up the action. Quarterback Derek Carr is another one to watch, showing promising performance. 

Currently, it’s the Raider’s defense that is pulling them down, as they seem to be struggling greatly. After a couple of injuries already this season, the team has already been weakened and is also now facing an inconsistent pass rush. While it seemed like they were doing well last season, perhaps the holes in last season that were hidden by the team’s success are finally starting to show. 

What are the odds of the Raiders having a successful season?

The Raiders have been incredibly close to having a winning record, as their four losses have been by a combined 14 points. Despite this, the team consistently struggles to execute down the stretch in most games; another thing that their defense has in common. 

There is some positivity surrounding the performances of key player Maxx Crosby who finished the last season with eight sacks and was an asset to the Raider’s defensive line. However, as of this season, thirty players have had more sacks than Crosby. 

What’s more, Crosby finished 10th in the league among edge defenders in pass-rush win rate and third in run-stop win rate. These numbers show a much clearer way to predict the odds rather than looking at the total number of sacks a player has. 

Can the Raiders make a comeback this season?

In 2020, the team finished as 19th best in the league. However, they were 21st in the metric this year. This suggests, when looking at the statistics more closely, that last year’s success may not have been as impressive as it seemed at first glance. 

For players looking to make bets on the Raiders this season, it’s important to look beyond the surface and study statistics in detail, as all may not be what it seems when you take a closer look.