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The new rules apply to international visitors to India.

The new rules apply: The government has updated the current guidelines for international visitors in India in light of the increase in Covid-19 cases and the risk of the new Omicron coronavirus variant.

Following the updated guidelines, travelers must fill out a self-declaration form and an RT-PCR negative report through an online portal before their journey. 

The passengers are also offer the opportunity to book the Covid-19 test, which will administer upon the day of arrival.

The updated guidelines will effect on January 11 and remain in effect until the following orders.

Here’s what the updated order reads:

Travel plan: Every traveler should plan their trip in advance.

1. Complete and accurate information should be submit by filling out a self-declaration on the web-base Air Suvidha portal before their schedule departure, including details about travel dates within the last 14 days.

 2.Upload a negative Covid-19 RTPCR report. The test must be conduct within 72 hours before taking the trip.

3. Each passenger shall be require to sign a statement regarding the report’s authenticity.

 They could be subject to criminal prosecution if they are in error.

4. They must also provide an undertaking through the portal or in writing to the Ministry of Civil Aviation through relevant airlines before being allowed to fly. 

They should also declare that they will adhere to the appropriate authorities of the government to undergo home or institutional self-health or quarantine monitoring following the requirements.

5. Travelers from certain countries determine by the epidemiological condition of Covid-19 in these countries are identified for further monitoring.

6. All travelers, who require testing upon arrival, are advise to book the test in advance via the Air Suvidha Portal to allow for quick testing.

  1. Before Boarding

1. Travellers who are coming from or to at-risk countries must be advise by the airlines

They will be subject to post-arrival tests. They will be place in quarantine if tested positive and then place under strict isolation protocols in the event of positive tests.

2. Do’s and Don’ts shall be include in the ticket for the traveler by the airline or agency that is concern.

3. Airlines will allow passengers to board only passengers who have complete all of the details on the self-declaration on Air Suvidha’s portal Air Suvidha portal and upload the negative RT-PCR test results.

4. At the time of the flight’s arrival, only symptomatic people will be permitted to board the plane after an initial thermal screen.

5. All passengers shall be advise to download the Aarogya Setu app on their mobile devices.

  1. During Travel

1. A pre-flight announcement on Covid-19 and precautionary measures that must be observe will be issue at airports, in-flight, and in the flight.

2. In-flight crew must ensure that proper Covid behavior is adhere to at all times.

3. If any passenger experiences symptoms of Covid-19 while flying, the person should be remove following the procedure.

4. Proper announcements in the flight should be issued by airlines on the test requirements and those who have to take part in the testing process to avoid congestion at the airports of arrival.

  1. Arrival

1. De-boarding must be carry out to ensure that the physical separation is achieve.

2. Thermal screening would be carry out on behalf of all passengers by the health officers who are at the airport. 

The self-declaration forms fill online should be hand to the airport health officials.

3. Patients affected during the screening process should be promptly isolated and taken to a medical center as per the guidelines for health. 

If they are favorable for the test, their contacts must be identified and treated following the establish protocol.

4. The traveler from certain countries that are at risk must adhere to the guidelines as laid out below:

They were submitting a sample for the post-arrival test of Covid-19 at the time of departure (self-paid). Travelers must attend to their test results at the airport where they arrive before departing or making a connection flight.

If the test is negative, they shall be place in the home to quarantine for seven days and then undergo an RT-PCR test in the eight days following India’s arrival.

Travelers will also be ask to upload results from the RT-PCR test repeat for Covid-19 taken on the eighth day via the Air Suvidha portal (monitored by the States/UTs in their respective states).

If the test is negative, they’ll continue to monitor their health over the next seven days.

However, should these travelers have positive tests, the samples may sent to the DNA testing at the INSACOG lab network?

 They should be manage in an isolation facility and handle following the laid-down standard protocols, including contact tracer.

 The contact details of positive cases may be maintain in quarantine at home and monitor by the state government following the protocol.

5. If those in self-health surveillance show symptoms and signs that suggest Covid-19 or show positive results for Covid-19 after re-testing, they should immediately self-isolate and report to their closest health care facility or dial the National Helpline Number (1075)/State Contact Number.

International travelers arriving at land ports or seaports

1. International travelers arriving through land ports and seaports will be required to follow the same process as described previously mentioned

except that online registration isn’t accessible for these passengers at present.

2. Such travelers shall complete the self-declaration form and submit it to the authorities concerned from the Government of India at seaports/land ports on their arrival.

3. Children under five years old are exempt from both post- and pre-arrival tests. 

Suppose they find in the arrival area as being symptomatic of Covid-19 or during the quarantine period. In that case, they will undergo testing and treatment following the established protocol.

4. Contacts of the suspect case are co-passengers on the same row, three rows ahead and three rows behind with the identified Cabin Crew.


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