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The New Rune Factory 5 Trailer Sets the Scene

The New Rune Factory 5 Trailer: Nintendo has a great selection of exclusives that will release this year to the Switch. 

Many of them are highly anticipated games, for example, Bayonetta 3Kirby and the Forgotten Lands, and the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

 The only Nintendo Switch exclusive in 2022 that is causing some gamers to be looking forward to is Rune Factory 5

The game first announced in 2020, an update to the previous game that released nearly ten years back.

 A new trailer post that focuses on the critical aspects of Rune Factory 5‘s story.

Rune Factory 5 will a live simulation game similar to the series based on Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons and has a greater concentration on RPG mechanics and other essential elements that make up the game. 

It includes combating monsters, tending the crops, and interacting with villagers.

 The most recent entry in the series sees players moving into their new home in Rigbarth and promises a new adventure.

The New Rune Factory 5 Trailer

The character begins by having amnesia when they arrive in the tiny town of Rigbarth, which bless by the natural world. 

They bless following a voice they can hear throughout the trailer to bring the town together. 

The players can take part in a range of games within Rune Factory 5 that include fighting monsters and farming the terrain. 

The hero may as well seen riding on a controlled monster across the plains and fishing along rivers.

The trailer continues to showcase the other aspects of Rune Factory 5. However, the majority of the game focus on the nature and wildlife of the city. 

It’s an entire season, which will change between Fall, Spring, and Winter, depending on the game. 

As shown in the video, there’s also a range of townspeople to introduce. 

These NPCs can assist players since they can unleash devastating attacks during combat.

As per the voice on the video trailer, the primary purpose of the game is to create an equilibrium between the forces of evil and good. 

The majority of these are visible in the world that players will explore inside Rune Factory 5.

 Including grassy fields or an icy cavern. There are also large boss fights, such as the giant dragon and the wooden golem.

Rune Factory 5. will be released on 22nd March 2022 via Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch.


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