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The plea against Ramdev by the body of the doctors “cannot be ruled out”: Superior Court

The plea against Ramdev by the body of the doctors “cannot be ruled out”: Superior Court.

The court listed the matter on October 27 to allow Ramdev’s attorney to make his presentations. (Proceedings)

New Delhi:

The Delhi High Court has said that prima facie, a lawsuit brought by various medical associations against yoga guru Ramdev for allegedly spreading misinformation against allopathy amid the COVID-19 pandemic deserves consideration and cannot be “ruled out” In the first stage.

Judge C Hari Shankar said that at the current stage, he only needs to “see if the allegations in the lawsuit make a case to be entertained.”

“The accusations can be correct or perhaps incorrect. He can say that he did not say anything of that … It is necessary to investigate it,” said the judge.

“Prime facie, it appears that the present lawsuit cannot be dismissed at the threshold without granting permission to initiate the lawsuit,” said the court that had previously requested Ramdev’s position on the institution of the procedure.

The court listed the matter on October 27 to allow Ramdev’s attorney to make his presentations.

The Association of Three Resident Physicians of the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences in Rishikesh, Patna and Bhubaneshwar, as well as the Association of Resident Physicians, the Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh; Union of Resident Doctors of Punjab (URDP); The Resident Physicians Association, Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial Medical College, Meerut, and the Telangana Junior Physicians Association, Hyderabad, had moved the high court earlier this year.

They alleged that Ramdev was misleading and misrepresenting the general public that allopathy was responsible for the deaths of several people infected with COVID-19, and implying that allopathic doctors were causing the death of patients.

Lead attorney Akhil Sibal, representing the associations, said that in the midst of a pandemic, the Yog Gugu made unsubstantiated claims that Coronil was a cure for COVID-19, contrary to the license granted to the drug for being simply a “immune booster”.

Lead counsel claimed that Ramdev’s statements were not “good faith opinions” but were made for commercial and marketing purposes.

“This is a person without a title. He is giving his medical opinion in a regulated field, putting his life in danger in the middle of a pandemic. People are naive. He is a repeat offender. He claimed that yoga can cure AIDS and cancer You can’t just say things and fool people. Business speech comes with some responsibility, “he said.

In their petition filed through advocate Harshavardhan Kotla, the associations had featured that the highly influential yoga guru was casting doubt in the minds of the general public regarding the safety and efficacy of not just the treatments. allopathic but also COVID-19. vaccines.

The motive alleged that the disinformation campaign was nothing more than an advertising and marketing strategy to promote sales of the product sold by Ramdev, including Coronil, which claims to be an alternative treatment for COVID-19.

The other defendants in the guilty plea include Acharya Balkrishna and Patanjali Ayurveda.

On June 3, the court issued a subpoena to Ramdev in a statement from the Delhi Medical Association in relation to his alleged statements against allopathic drugs and the claims about Patanjali’s Coronil kit.

The court had refused to restrain Ramdev at the time, saying the allopathic profession was not that fragile.

However, he had verbally asked Ramdev’s lawyer to tell him not to make provocative statements.

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