The shutdown of the game's Xbox 360 servers

The shutdown of the game’s Xbox 360 servers: On Thursday, Microsoft and 343 Industries ended matchmaking online service for the Xbox 360-era Halo games, such as Halo 3 and Reached.

The shutdown that 343 first announced in the latter half of 2020 caused Halo. The Halo franchise gamers to mourn publicly and celebrate the games that are now sunset.

Players re-played classic Halo games to pay homage to the fun in the hours, days, and even minutes that led up towards the servers’ closing.

Many Halo players on Reddit have shared their stories of how they played their final moments in the game.

One user said they had unlocked their last Halo 3 achievement on the day before the shutdown; another achieved the highest Halo: Reach multiplayer rank just a day before the closing of the server.

A few players also uploaded clips of ceasefires that were in place during competitive multiplayer games.

The shutdown of the game’s Xbox 360 servers

Reddit player ZacB_ uploaded an image from their last Halo 3 game, which featured the players of both teams congregating at the edges of the map.

They then fired off their guns into the sky in an impromptu gun salute of 21 guns to Halo 3.

Redditor ItzLateNight has recorded a video showing an identical salute held in High Ground, the Halo 3 map, High Ground.

Many users on the subreddit thought about their time engaging in Halo in Xbox 360. Xbox 360.

“I still recall playing Halo 3 on launch day at about 9 AM after having waited for hours at GameStop the night before,” wrote Redditor exciter1.

A different Reddit member, Goatfellon, recounted how the game’s impact on them personally was profound. Their lives.

“I continue to talk to one of my American friends I met through [Halo 3and Halo 3],” the Redditor wrote. “One friend of mine is still with a girl whom he has met through it. It was a sensation.”

A picture of the Halo 3 matchmaking menu, taken by Redditor Rymouu after the shutdown, added the feeling of completeness to the server’s closure.

Usually, the matchmaking menu will show the number of players on the internet. And communicate their locations through lighting areas of the map.

But, as shown by Ryomouu’s screenshot, this map was blacked out after the shutdown. That means that there were no active players maybe at first in the game’s history.

The end of online matchmaking options to Xbox 360 Halo games marks an era for the Halo series.

Fortunately, all affected games can still be played online through Halo: The Master Chief Collection features Remastered versions of every title.