The Solstice Armor In Destiny 2 Be Upgraded

 The Solstice Armor In Destiny 2 Be Upgraded: The Solstice Event for Destiny 2 is returning, and with it, a brand-new piece of armor that is essential for all players. The Candescent Armor release as part of the Solstice event, which also includes a new upgrading mechanism to speed up the procedure.

Here is all the information we currently have on Destiny 2‘s Solstice Armor Upgrade.

The Solstice Armor In Destiny 2 Be Upgraded

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The Solstice Event in Destiny 2 essentially introduces new, temporary money used to enhance armor. The first kind of payment is silver leaves, which can earn through participating in a playlist and open-air events like dungeons, strikes, and patrols.

Eva Levante will hand out the first batch of silver leaves to players at the Tower. The new Bonfire Bash action may then use to turn this cash into silver ash.

On the Armor Mod screen, Silver Ash may then use to reroll armor stats.

To continue receiving cash, players must have at least one item of Solstice Armour. Eva supplies the first piece of Solstice Armor.

Solstice event challenges may be accessible through the Solstice Event card or the ‘Quests’ page under Seasonal Tasks; there are a total of 24 events. Kindling is the second new currency that earn by completing these challenges.

Your armor-stat roll potential may improve with kindling, and each armor can enhance three times for each tier.

Per armor slot, this only has to do once. After that, upgrades to Solstice armor share by all pieces for that slot and are permanent. i.e., if a place for armor upgrades to its tier 3 maximum level.

You will have access to tier 3 stat rolls with any pieces of Solstice armor you own or acquire in the future for that slot. However, remember that once armor has wholly enhance, it cannot reroll, and none of this applies to class items or non-solstice gear.

That is all there is to know about upgrading the Solstice Armor in Destiny 2. Next, check out our coverage of the remaining Solstice Event in Destiny 2.