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The Uncharted Lego set maybe will release in March.

The Uncharted Lego set maybe will release in March: Lego is not a newbie to games on video. A few of the top sets design after Super Mario Bros., Minecraft, and NES.

 It appears that the Uncharted set might be added to the line if a new source believes.

The announcement is directly from Falcon Brick Studios’s Instagram page that regularly posts news about upcoming Lego sets.

 The one in question, supposed to be based upon Uncharted A Thief’s Endeavor, comprises 1,326 pieces.

 It’ll include “a white, gray Jeep and a cave section with some treasure,” along with the Minifigures of Drake, Sully, and Elena. 

The Uncharted Lego set maybe will release in March

There is no price; however, the release date of March 1 has announced.

While it’s as cool as all that seems, remember that this is only speculation at this point -Falcon Brick Studios says it is a rumor. 

Falcon Brick Studios says as much in its IG post. However, March 1 falls a few weeks before the Uncharted movie’s release, which is why a tie-in item made by Lego could be a good idea. 

The film will hit cinemas on February 11 in the UK while across the US on February 18.

Recently, Uncharted wasn’t even the first IP for video games to mention in Lego reports. 

It also reported that Overwatch 2 set a delay for a long time due to the ongoing investigation of the workplace within Activision Blizzard.

 It will include Tracer, Mei, and an Omnic Titan if it does ever come out.

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