The United States has been talking to the Taliban every day

The United States has been talking to the Taliban every day: US security adviser.

Afghanistan heated. As soon as the American troops moved, the entire country fell to the Taliban. Faced with this situation, US President Joe Biden opened his mouth 24 hours ago. This time, US security adviser Jake Sullivan spoke about the Taliban.

He told a news conference on Monday that the United States was in regular talks with the Taliban. His main objective now is to bring the Americans back from Afghanistan as soon as possible.

“On a political and security level, we are constantly talking to the Taliban,” Sullivan said. What is being talked about, he may not be able to say here. All I can say is that the two sides have talked about more than one topic. ”

“We have no misconceptions about the Taliban,” Sullivan added. Our only goal is to get the job done quickly. The US administration is determined to repatriate more than a thousand people from Afghanistan before August 31″.

Previously, the Taliban issued a final warning to the United States on Monday. The Taliban have threatened the United States that the result will not be good if it does not meet the deadline for withdrawing the troops.

“President Joe Biden promised us that US troops would withdraw before August 31,” Taliban spokesman Suhail Shahin told Sky News on Monday.

If that doesn’t happen, it means there are more American troops in Afghanistan, which is not supposed to be. Remember, it is not a deadline, and it is a red line.

“However, the president of the United States said that he would decide within 24 hours if he extended the deadline.

Meanwhile, the Taliban have already retaken three districts in northern Afghanistan, Bano, Deh Saleh, and Pul-e-Hesar. However, they have yet to capture Panjshir, which was occupied by the Northern Alliance last week.

According to Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid’s Twitter account, the Taliban are near Badakhshan, Takhar, and Andarab in the Panjshir Valley after capturing three districts.


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