Thousands protested in Madrid on Sunday against a NATO summit

Thousands protested in Madrid on Sunday against a NATO summit.

Thousands of people demonstrated against a NATO conference that will take place in the Spanish capital next week in Madrid on Sunday, carrying the hammer and sickle banners of the old Soviet Union.

The leaders of the member nations will gather in Madrid on June 29 and 30 under heavy security as the organization deals with the historically unprecedented problem of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Finland and Sweden’s application to join NATO, which NATO member Turkey is resisting, is anticipated.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Nordic countries applied. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the conflict is a military operation in retaliation for other nations close to post-Soviet Russia’s borders joining NATO during the 1990s.

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Demonstrators sang, “Tanks yes, but of beer with tapas,” claiming that NATO’s need for more defense expenditure in Europe posed a danger to world peace.

“I’m sick and tired of the whole “weapons and murdering people” thing. More weapons and wars are the suggested answer, and we always pay the price.

Therefore, reject NATO and all (army) bases; let the Americans go; and leave us alone, free from war and weaponry, “Retired Madrid resident Concha Hoyos told Reuters.

Jared, a 29-year-old demonstrator, said that NATO was not the answer to the conflict in Ukraine.

Authorities in Madrid estimated the number of participants at 2,200 against organizers’ claims of 5,000.

The meeting will also be focused on the danger presented by Europe’s southern flank in Africa, according to Jose Manuel Albares, the foreign minister of Spain.

They said that Russia was a menace to Europe in a newspaper interview published on Sunday.

According to him, the southern flank will focus on the foreign ministers’ luncheon on November 29.