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Three Houses Byleth Gets A Scale Figure In Fire Emblem

Three Houses Byleth Gets A Scale Figure: A good indicator of a character from a video game’s popularity is the number of official merchandise created on their surfaces. 

Today, Japanese toy brand Good Smile Company recently declared that pre-orders are now open for a scale model that depicts. The woman version of Byleth, the primary protagonist in the game Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Although the Fire Emblem game: Three Houses will turn four this year, its popularity among the gaming community doesn’t appear to have diminished. 

Fans continue to be active with much online content made by fans, like fans’ artwork and products and character cosplay.

 Nintendo keeps the game’s players engaged by constantly adding new FE3H characters to its mobile-based title, Fire Emblem Heroes.

 Often contains at least one of the three Houses characters on every banner, including the holiday or seasonal banners.

To confirm that fans’ enthusiasm for The Fire Emblem Three Houses and the characters remain alive, Japanese figures manufacturer Good Smile Company has confirmed that pre-orders have opened for a large-scale figure that is female Byleth.

 On the official GSC website, you can find the product’s pre-order window begins on January 13, 2022, at 19:00 PST. And runs until June 20, 2022, at 23:59 PST. T

He provides the FE3H fans around a month to decide whether to buy the figure, considering it comes with high costs. Based on the online pre-order page on the website, the Byleth statue expect to cost about 250,000 yen, USD 249.99.

Additional details about the statue and product images have published on the Good Smile Company’s pages. 

Three Houses Byleth Gets A Scale Figure

The statue is relatively high at 1/7th scale and will weigh 195mm (or 7.68 inches. In addition, Byleth will be available with two variants of the Sword of the Creator, the character’s famous weapon from the Fire Emblem series: Three Houses

There are two options to showcase Byleth, whether with the sword in dormant form or its mighty extended splendor.

 Many fans will surely enjoy the fiery impact of the Sword Creation’s 2nd version. While players will likely be able to recognize its resemblance to the weapon’s game-play effects.

While the Byleth figurine pre-order is open, the figures will not distribute to the owners until February 2023. 

This could be because of the many exquisite details on the statue; GSC confirms that a significant portion of the statue’s painting will complete by hand.

 It hoped that the Fire Emblem 3 Housesfans would remain patient and trust the manufacturers to deliver the highest quality product.

Flash Emblem Three Houses are available on the Nintendo Switch.


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