The evolution of technology has changed the world landscape for all the right reasons, and the business arena is also reaping its benefits of it. The combination of business and technology has given way to improve functionalities, operations, and management. In this new business world, Tiebreak Solutions (TBS) has emerged as a change agent through improved financial and marketing solutions by using technology as a catalyst.

Tiebreak Solutions’ platform is a unique combination of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that puts it in the spotlight for businesses looking for online trading and amplifying sales, and making informed decisions through insight into data analytics. TBI offers a wide range of FinTech and MedTech solutions on a global level. As the company itself says, it does not settle for a tie and doesn’t even need a break; they are passionate about bringing state-of-the-art solutions for all types of businesses — and they mean it!

What is TieBreak Solutions?

Tiebreak Solutions is an all-in-one platform having fine-tuned solutions for businesses looking to leave a blazing trail, covering the needs of a diverse range of businesses. Mainly focusing on FinTech and MarTech, Tiebreak Solutions can give businesses the push needed to move steadily on the path to success and resolve complex functionalities.

Tribreak is opened by the vanguards of FinTech, online marketing, and customer acquisition. So, no wonder they know what they are doing, and whatever they are doing is great — their huge customer base is proof. Once you get connected with Tribreak Solutions, you don’t need to care about the customer journey because it leverages the power of the relevant data to understand customer behavior, needs, and patterns. So, online marketing and mapping customer journeys are no more a headache for companies.

FinTech Solutions

FinTech or short for Financial Technology, is a solution tailored to make financial transactions streamlined, steady, and secure. Tiebreak Solutions offers one of its kind FinTech solutions with multiple functionalities for financial freedom, including:

  • No headache of re-quotes
  • Instant trade execution
  • Financial services
  • Trading apps
  • One-click trading
  • Market and pending orders
  • Multiple charting options
  • Various tools and analytical instruments
  • Integration with 73 payment service providers
  • Optimizing merchant business objectives
  • Managing various operational requirement
  • Trade the best-performing assets
  • Automate financial services
  • Monitoring settlements and balances
  • Integrating new payment service providers

With all these functionalities in the bucket, Tiebreak has been ruling the FinTech world for years. Its range of apps, services, and functionalities make it a par excellence solution within the financial technology domain.

Introduction of Xcite Trading Platform

Tiebreak’s continuous effort to bring revolution and adopt change has given it an unbeatable position, making it a priority for many businesses. The Xcite trading platform is a new addition to the FinTech services of Tiebreaks, making it a reliable source for trading. It uses business intelligence as a source to provide insightful analysis that offers a deep understanding of the assets’ value, trends, and market position.

Keeping in view the numerous functionalities, the Xcite platform is definitely a game changer in the FinTech domain, paving the path for better asset trading for people around the globe. The sleek design and embedded functionalities are some other positive aspects of Xcite, making it a must-have solution for FinTech businesses.

Here are a few benefits of Xcite that make it worth exploring:

  1. Access financial trades and markets from any browser
  2. User-friendly platform with no complex navigation
  3. Real-time graphical event and information update
  4. Excess to news feeds, various trading tools, and platform support
  5. Keep global markets in your hand with Android and iOS apps
  6. Get live currency quotes
  7. Receive market news and in-depth analysis with data
  8. No need to download
  9. 24/6 customer support

When you have all these perks in your palm or pocket, isn’t it a great idea to try your luck in the financial sector? You will get real-time insight and analytics, so decision-making and earning a few bucks will become a lot easier.

MarTech Solutions

Grabbing customer attention, helping them squeeze through the customer funnel, and retaining them have become a hard nut to crack for businesses. Even marketing doesn’t yield the desired results with the same old tactics. That’s why businesses are turning to MarTech, as it offers the sweet spot that today’s businesses require to stand tall among competitors.

Fully understanding the emerging needs of changed marketing dynamics, Tiebreak Solutions has introduced a platform that can change the fate of marketers. MarTech solutions, short for Marketing Technology, uses technology to create T-powered solutions to accelerate marketing efforts.

Do you want to run an online campaign without any fear of managing it? Tiebreak Solutions is the answer. Are you looking for multiple automated scenario engagements? Worry not because Tiebreak Solutions can help here too. And it can also help with optimizing and monitoring lead pools. So, TBS is like a panacea for all kinds of marketing needs that optimize, streamline, and maintain the marketing processes and operations for better results.

Tiebreak’s marketing technology solutions include CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, VoIP, campaign manager, and customer engagement suite, coupled with data analytics to give marketers a comprehensive solution for all marketing-based needs.

Here are a few solutions that change the fate of marketing for all the right reasons:

  1. Run and manage any online marketing ad campaign with automated funnel operation and monitoring benchmarks
  2. A/B testing
  3. Empower lead funnel optimization
  4. Leads monitoring and optimization
  5. Ads billing, payment, and management
  6. PPC monitoring and management
  7. Call attempt and differential cap policy management
  8. VoIP communication suite for better customer service
  9. Real-time call quality monitoring
  10. Agent performance monitoring
  11. Caller ID Management
  12. Call recordings and safe online storage
  13. Easy integrations to streamline calls
  14. Send omnichannel campaigns
  15. Customer batch segmentation
  16. Insights for operational excellence
  17. Business intelligence for real-time analysis
  18. Tracking customer behavior
  19. Technical simplification of data extraction

In short, Tiebreak Solutions offers everything required to make marketing a powerhouse for businesses where they can utilize technology to get more visibility, bring efficiency, streamline processes, automate for timely achievements, and utilize data for informed decision-making.

Use of UserX

The marketing efforts have tremendously improved with the introduction of UserX, a platform that enhances marketing efforts vigorously. UserX is to MarTech what Xcite is to FinTech. It not only improves marketing efforts but also helps Tiebreak Solutions to build a strong bond with customers by managing customer relationships and user experience.

The Data Analytics tools of Tiebreak Solutions help UserX give real-time analysis of customer behavior along with others, like user registration, authentication, subscription, billing, renewal, customer data management, and reports. So, with UserX, marketing becomes more agile, streamlined, and value-oriented.

Combined Impact of MarTech and FinTech

With a combined impact of FinTech and MarTech in hands, any business can become unstoppable. It minimizes the possibility of wrong investments and paves the path for better financial decision-making and measuring ROI (return on investment).

Spending money without any insight can cost a lot. However, Tiebreak helps companies to ditch this possibility and opens arenas for insightful decisions. It can lead to an impactful marketing start that closes leads faster than ever and makes customer service less of a headache for companies.

Tribreak’s commitment to staying at the front of the business evolution brings a sigh of relief to different industries and businesses of all sizes. No matter if you are a startup, SME, or large enterprise, TBS has something for all. Every business vertical can leverage benefits from high-tech marketing and financial solutions that are finely tailored to cope with diverse business needs.

Final Words

Technological advancement has evolved the world on so many bases. It is no longer the world where the calculation was carried out on fingers. Now legacy systems and piles of registers have been abandoned. Technology and advanced IT solutions are coming forward to change the business landscape, which has brought efficiency, accuracy, and agility in processes, management, and operations.

That’s where Tribreak Solutions comes into the frame with its financial and marketing solutions. Once you have FinTech and MarTech solutions in your squad of business solutions, it becomes easier to break through financial and marketing issues for business success. Besides running better marketing campaigns and streamlining funnel optimization, it is also possible to make robust financial decisions. This agility is also possible due to the advanced analytics option that is like a perk to make intelligent decisions for the business. So, Tribreak Solutions is the answer if you are looking for steady growth.