The winter is almost here, and you most likely already plan your next vacation because you’re hitting the slopes annually during the holidays, and you don’t want to miss wandering through the winter wonderland this year. No matter what destination you choose, you’ll need to pack your suitcase accordingly because the weather is cold in most places during the winter (except if you travel to an exotic destination), and you must ensure you pack everything you need to stay warm and comfortable. 

Suppose you’re having trouble figuring out what to pack for this winter trip; here are some recommendations to help you

Jacket and coat

If you ever had a winter trip to the mountainside, you most likely learned that cold-weather essentials are absolutely necessary. However, you have to limit the number of items you pack because the suitcase has limited space. A jacket and a coat are must-haves during winter trips because they’re the kind of outerwear essential for a winter trip, regardless of your destination. A parka or jacket is ideal for mountainside destinations, while a teddy coat or trench is a better option for a city break because it looks stylish and allows you to layer your outfit. Jackets are the best winter outwear solution because they’re light to pack and super warm. If you don’t travel to a fancy place like Paris, a jacket is more than enough for your winter trip.


You shouldn’t leave the house without a couple of sweaters when traveling during the winter because they’re great for lounging and layering. We don’t know about you, but we love oversized sweaters because they keep you warm and are easy to style with jeans or a skirt. Sweaters are chic pieces to have in your luggage when you accessorize them with matching jewelry and footwear. 


You will probably say that you didn’t intend to leave the house without pants, but when we recommend you pack pants, we refer to putting in your luggage leggings, fleece-lined pants, and windproof pants. Traveling during the winter is no fun if you don’t wear appropriate clothing because traditional jeans get wet quickly and fail to keep your legs warm and dry in windy conditions. 

Warm layers

Warm layers are must-haves when packing for a winter trip because they easily fit in a suitcase and can be worn under sweaters and jeans to control body heat. If you travel to a super cold climate, invest in sherpa-lined leggings because they’re life savers. Make sure you also put in your luggage bottoms and long-sleeve tops because they’re perfect layers for winter outfits. And don’t forget to add bamboo pajamas for women because you need to sleep comfortably to enjoy the trip to its fullest. If you don’t have a pair of high-quality pajamas, now is the moment to purchase one because it enables you to sleep more comfortably during the winter.            

Winter boots

Don’t leave your winter boots at home! A trip to the mountainside requires a pair of waterproof winter boots to protect your feet from the cold and keep them comfortable. Depending on what you plan to do during the trip, it’s advisable to pack one pair of casual boots and one pair of waterproof snow boots. Suppose you travel to a destination like Iceland. Make sure to pack a pair of crampons because they help you walk safely on the ice. Some remote winter destinations are not great at clearing away ice, so it often gets slippery on the roads. Before packing your footwear, think about the activities you want to do. Do you want to hike? Do you plan to walk in the snow? Do you want to go out during the night for a fancy dinner? 


Winter accessories are essential for a vacation in cold climates because they keep your extremities warm and help you create a cute outfit. To make the most of the accessories you pack, bring a neutral beanie that matches any outfit, a fluffy scarf, a pair of light gloves for walking around town, a pair of thick gloves for winter activities, and some high wool socks. You want to keep your feet warm during your winter trip, and wool socks are best at doing it. If you intend to use your camera to capture vacation memories, pack gloves over mittens because they’re more functional. Look for a pair with touchscreen pads so you can use your devices without taking them off. 

Depending on your destination, you may also want to pack a swimsuit because you have access to a pool. Research the destination before leaving home to find out if you could soak in a pool or hot spring, so you can pack your swimsuit. 

Sunglasses are also necessary when traveling to the mountainside in the winter because the sun comes out and can shine quite brightly when reflected on the white snow. 

Useful tips on how to pack for a winter trip

As you can see, there are a couple of items you have to fit in your luggage. So, how are you gonna do it?

Plan your outfits in advance

The last thing you want when packing for a trip is putting in the luggage items you don’t need. To prevent overpacking or underpacking, plan your outfits in advance. Think about the events you want to attend or activities you want to engage in, and put your outfits together. Challenge yourself to find ways to re-wear some items, so you keep your luggage to the minimum. 

Keep your outfits neutral

You might love colored outfits, but your winter trip isn’t ideal for wearing your brightest clothes. Limit the list of items to neutral colors so you can easily mix and match them. 

Pay attention to the fabrics

When it comes to winter holidays, keeping yourself dry and warm is essential, so pack only items made from fabrics that resist moisture and trap heat. Thermal, waterproof, moisture-wicking, and down-filled materials are the best fits.