Today Pushkar Singh Dhami will take oath

He will be sworn in as the chief minister of Uttarakhand for a second term today at the Parade Ground in Dehradun. The top BJP leaders will be there to see him do it.

It’s expected that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Union Home Minister Amit Shah, and the head of the BJP, JP Nadda, will be there when Dhami is sworn in.

It will also be today that Mr. Dhami’s cabinet takes the oath.

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The BJP on Monday named Mr. Dhami as the leader of the party in Uttarakhand after a long debate about the face of the Chief Minister.

Rajnath Singh, the Minister of Defense, and Meenakshi Lekhi, the Minister of State for External Affairs, led the legislative party meeting. They were in charge of it.

Dhami lost Khatima, a seat he had been winning since the 2012 Assembly elections. This made the BJP think twice about who to pick as the next leader. In Khatima, where Mr. Dhami ran, people voted for Bhuwan Chandra Kapri from the Congress party instead. Mr. Dhami lost by 6,579 votes.

Mr. Dhami must run for office in the state assembly during the next six months.

In the recent state elections, it took 47 seats in the 70-member Assembly to give the BJP a big lead. With this, the BJP has become the first party in Uttarakhand’s 21-year history to win power again and again