Top 10 Faith & Intelligence Weapons in Elden Ring

Top 10 Faith & Intelligence Weapons: If you’re searching for weapons that will help you defeat all the bosses in Elden Ring, then the next 10 Faith and Intelligence weapons are cut above other weapons.

Elden Ring’s bosses can take an increase in power when you’ve concluded the game. So when you thought Margit and The Fell Omen was a challenging experience, you should make sure you encounter Malenia, Blade of Miquela.

If you’re planning to build the mage’s build, you may require more than spells to defeat specific foes.

The Focus Points may deplete quickly, particularly when conjuring the more intense Sorcery such as Comet Azur or Meteorite from Astel.

It’s great to have a weapon you can trust if things get too close to home.

However, you cannot have just any weapon. It is essential to have weapons that increase in strength and power with the level of Intelligence and Faith. As your spells become more robust, so do your weapons.

These are the top 10 weapons available in the Elden Ring that increase using Intelligence and Faith.

Best FAI/INT Scaling Weapons in Elden Ring for Faith & Intelligence Builds

The 10 Elden Ring weapons are the absolute top to build intelligence and Faith makes.

These weapons make a great option to add to every Faith and Intelligence build. Sure of them are best suitable for close-quarters. Others could be used as a trump card for the more difficult bosses.

All of them can be considered part of your arsenal and felt an improvement over most weapons.

  1. Godslayer Greatsword

The Godslayer Greatsword is not only a magnificent greatsword with power and reaches Its unique skill”The Queen’s Dark Flame can destroy even the most formidable of foes.

When players use the Black Queen’s Flame to set the Greatsword to flaming in, the influential black fire players have witnessed on Godskin opponents.

When it is ignited, it releases the flame with a swift cut. In addition, the black flames continue to take away the opponent’s HP for a brief period.

Black Flame is great against holy enemies that happen to be nearly all bosses of Elden Ring.

Players can locate it within The Divine Tower of Caelid in the basement. But, of course, it would help if you defeated the Godskin Apostle, and there’ll be a chest behind the boss room.

Requirements: STR 20, DEX 22, FAI 20

  1. Winged Scythe

The Winged Scythe is one of the most effective weapons to start with that you can have if you want to build the Faith build. It is available early in the game, and upgrading it up to +10, Winged Scythe can take you through the entire game.

Its unique ability, Angel’s Wings, allows players to infuse their Scythe with a light source and send an enraged slash at foes.

This ability is highly potent to fight Invaders and Bloody Fingers because it stops the flask from being used to heal.

Players can discover it at The Tombsward Ruins in the Weeping Peninsula. Take a walk to the ruin, and walk down the steps.

The Scythe will be in a chest.

Requirements: STR 16, DEX 16, FAI 24

  1. Maliketh’s Black Blade

Maliketh’s Black Blade requires quite a lot of strength, but its power, Destined Death, is among the top in Elden Ring.

If players choose to use Destined Death in their game, they draw blood slashes, which can launch at their foes. 

If the slashes hit in the wrong direction, they will reduce your opponent’s health for a short time.

It has an incredible reach and is a formidable greatsword capable of slaying even the toughest of adversaries.

However, obtaining it is likely to be quite challenging. First, you’ll have to take on Maliketh and who the Black Blade is. Maliketh is among the bosses of Elden Ring and resides in Crumbling Farum Azula.

You’ll have to stay on your feet and avoid your way around Destined Death skill itself to beat him. You’ll gain his memory after you beat him in combat.

It is possible to bring this memory to Enia within the Roundtable Hold and trade it with Maliketh’s Black Blade weapon.

Requirements: STR 34, DEX 12, FAI 20

  1. Moonveil

Its Moonveil Katana is the perfect weapon if you’re searching for something that is light but does a significant amount of damage to your foes.

It’s ideal for mage players who opt for a glass cannon build style. It allows you to take on attacks swiftly and efficiently from away with its unique ability, Transient Moonlight.

This ability lets you shroud your blade and unleash a flurry of light attacks. If you make a light attack, it will make the horizontal slash. If you choose to use a heavier attack, it’ll employ an even stronger vertical incision.

The players are found within the Gael Tunnel located in Camelid. First, find the Magma Wyrm then the Moonveil will be dropped after you have defeated it.

Requirements: STR 12, INT 23, DEX 18

  1. Ruins Greatsword

The Ruin Greatsword is an excellent Intelligence weapon that can do the most damage.

Its unique ability, Waves of Destruction, allows players to release an energy wave that causes the ground to shake and is extremely difficult for adversaries to avoid.

Its biggest drawback is that it requires 50 STR to wield, which means that most Intelligence builds will only be able to use it if they focus on a Strength/Intelligence build.

The destruction it can cause is worth the effort.

It’s among the Legendary Armaments in Elden Ring.

The Ruins Greatsword will drop from the Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight duo bosses at Redmane Castle Plaza. Redmane Castle Plaza.

Requirements: STR 50, INT 16

  1. Dark Moon Greatsword

The Dark Moon Greatsword is a powerful weapon for heavy-hitting that does not require a lot of strength to use. This is the reason it’s the most potent heavy weapon. Intelligence players will find throughout Elden Ring.

Its unique skill, Moonlight Greatsword, allows players to infuse the sword with the magic of frost moons.

It also transforms their powerful attack into a moon-fost slash wave, which damages enemies and causes frost-related damage.

It’s an integral part of this Frost Mage build, and when combined with Adula’s Moonblade, it lets players swiftly dispose of foes applying frost damage.

To get this item, gamers must complete the questline of Ranni.

Requirements: STR 16, INT 38, DEX 11

  1. Black Knife

The Black Knife is a smaller version of Maliketh’s Black Blade. It is similar to the Black Blade, although it’s the dagger.

That means that players focusing on the Faith build can use it without spending too many points elsewhere.

Its unique skill, Blade of Death, releases a sword-like weapon that continuously damages your foes.

The Spirit Ash Black Knife has the exact weapon, meaning that when you both wield the Blade of Death on an adversary, you’ll be able to make quick progress.

Requirements: STR 8, DEX 12, FAI 18

  1. Wing of Astel

The three weapons listed below possess unique abilities which can alter the flow of battle. Therefore, they are ideal for smaller builds than the mages usually are equipped with.

Wing of Astel Wing of Astel is the most light of the three; however, its ability allows players to keep a distance from their enemies while dealing massive damage.

The unique skill is called Nebula. It lets players jump backward and create a smoke cloud that gradually expands.

The players will be in The Wing of Astel within The Uhl Palace Ruins.

If you’re in the area, visit Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, to get another excellent INT weapon, The Bastard’s Stars.

Requirements: STR 7, INT 20, DEX 17

  1. Sword of Night & Flame

The Sword of Night and Flame is among the most basic weapons listed. However, its unique ability makes it among the top weapons regardless of the battle you’re at.

The unique skill, Night-and Flame Stance, is a combination of two attack options. When you press the button for skill, your character will take a stance. It is possible to charge either an attack that is a light or heavy attack from this.

A mild attack uses the night comet bolt, while a more powerful attack could unleash a blast of fire.

Both of them are capable of causing damage to thousands. However, it has proved beneficial to all Intelligence and Faith builds even with its changes.

Requirements: STR 12, DEX 12, FAI 24, INT 24

  1. Sacred Relic Sword

The Sacred Relic Sword is perfect for builds that require Intelligence/Faith due to its massive number of sacred damage. It also is a fantastic area of impact-specific ability.

The unique skill, Wave of Gold, creates a gold-colored wave through the ground. This means it not stopped by any random wall or rock, as with most incantations and Sorcery.

It is a free-flowing vehicle that damages anything it comes into contact with.

The Sacred Relic Sword does significant damage on its own, and if it’s upgraded, you can solely use it as the Sacred Relic Sword to fight the majority of your enemies.

This is the most vicious weapon on this list to get since you will need to overcome Elden Beast. Elden Beast, which is the final boss of Elden Ring.

To reach the Elden Beast, you’ll have first beat Godfrey, The First Elden Lord of the Elden Throne.

From here, you’ll go to Eritrea, where the final battle is waiting. When you’ve defeated The Elden Beast, you can bring your Elden Remembrance to Enia and trade it with the Sacred Relic Sword.

It’s that simple. These are the top ten weapons you can have in your arsenal when considering an Intelligence of Faith-driven build.

Once you’ve found the perfect weapon to build with, it is essential to ensure that you’ve got the most potent spells!


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